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Solar Off Grid System Components Explained In Depth

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Guide to Major Off-Grid System Components.
Many of you have asked for more in-depth explanations of the equipments installed.

Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback or questions and please subscribe! More videos coming soon.

System specs and major component parts:
48Volt Nominal System
4100Watt Solar Array (18 x 230Watt SoPray Polycrystalline Photovoltaic Solar Panels)
4400Watt 48V Magnum Pure-Sine Inverter,
Outback FM80 80Amp Charge Controller with MPPT
16 x Centennial L-16 6V Deep Cycle Batteries
Main Enclosure Panel (Custom API E-Panel)
MidNite Solar 6 String Combiner Box
UniSolar Roof Rack and Fast Jack Mounting

**Solar power arrays and components are designed to be installed by professionals. They are Dangerous electrical instruments. Misuse could result in injury or death. Please do not try this at home.


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18 Comments on "Solar Off Grid System Components Explained In Depth"

  1. wow thats a long run 9how many feet?)to your panels….what size PV wire are you running?

    10 ? 8? 6AWG…?

  2. P Rude says:

    So whats the voltage off the batteries 192DVC

  3. Shimaa Amer says:

    good video
    how can you calculate and design the system ?

  4. So basically the Inverter converts it from Thomas Edison to Nikola Tesla.

  5. Striker says:

    This is a perfect example of some idiot kid who has ZERO knowledge about what he is talking about, His explanations clearly point out his lack of technical understanding or electrical terminology as to why his system is wired the way it is. I would advise everyone not to waste their time watching this video & seek out someone who actually knows what their talking about.

  6. Seriously says:

    you seem stoned

  7. Ric Bowers says:

    I realize that amps are current, It appears to me that people usually wire in series more often to be able to use thinner wire (save $$$) I subscribe, and good vids.

  8. Ric Bowers says:

    Do you think it would make any difference to wire a few panels in series to get more volts to the fm 80? I have 2 190 watt pnls @ 36.2 v each wired in parallel. Just curious if I could charge batts faster in series.

  9. Klaxz _ says:

    How much do you save a year with the solar power ?:D looks fun to make 

  10. Can I ask approximately how much your system cost

  11. i like your diagram can i have please. thank you

  12. that grounding bar is too high

  13. Sara Ausar says:

    Excellent video… very informative. Do you have a hard copy of the schematic you can share, email electronic copy.

  14. Noah Wilding says:

    Did you also ground your inverter?

  15. Noah Wilding says:

    When you grounded your negative, did you only ground the negative from the solar?

  16. arshi khur says:

    very hard to hear you

  17. Yettiman1001 says:

    Do you have an email address I may contact you on?

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