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Solar ICE and Thermal storage

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This video is about a lot of “cool” concepts. Thermal storage, sustainable refrigeration, Peak and off peak ice production and usage. I also show the Sundanzer …


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44 Comments on "Solar ICE and Thermal storage"

  1. very cool
    whats your thought on gas powered freezers?

  2. Tux Edo says:

    you would make a great sleeping pill.. YAWN ………..

  3. enator71 says:

    I simply bought the sundanzer with the optional 110vac. So now I have it plugged in to 110 and the 12V battery back up with a small solar panel. I also have a 4kw grid tie solar system. If the power is out it simply uses the 12V power. My refrigerator is a sunfrost and I can use an inverter to run that. no carrying balls everywhere.

  4. What about solar ice makers?

  5. How will you guys respond when they come for you, to put the mark of the beast on you?

  6. Rok Adamlje says:

    Heres an idea, mix in 10% salt so that the freezing point is well below normal.

  7. I don't use the solar panels or the DC freezer, but I DO freeze a couple of dozen water bottles before I go camping to keep my cooler cool (instead of loose or bagged ice) for the weekend. This keeps my cooler from turning into a cold messy swimming pool for my food and it gives me cold water to drink as they thaw.

    These "ice balls" may act as refrigerant for your cooler but they also take up space.

  8. I have read all sections of the cryogel web site, this ice ball system is very interesting and very usefull. thanks!

  9. Good to know that the company will not sell counts of less than 1000 units at a time.

  10. How does those balls compare to a thing like a soda bottle filled with a glycol / water mix?

  11. az rancher says:

    You said the DCF 390 would do 48 volts, however your web pages says:
    "Battery-powered freezer, 12/24V"

  12. where can we purchase ice balls
    how much for a 1000 balls! I can set up a group buy

  13. Jeff Barr says:

    Fill 2ltr bottles with water and keep them in your freezer to take up empty space. Power goes out and you have ice blocks to keep it cold. Pull them out as needed for room and you have water storage.

  14. okay, what about a poor man's swamp cooler? Throw several ice balls in a laundry basket sitting it in front of a fan and help cool your house in the summer time? Is this foolish or would it be practical or maybe just for a localized area like my couch, chair or around the kitchen table when you're eating or something like that? How practical would this be? Cheers

  15. Paula Allec says:

    hey i was just curious if your from the northern nevada area, just asking because of your name

  16. Samuel Luria says:

    This stuff should be taught in high school, instead of transexual sickness studies. Fundamental knowledge of refrigeration and electrical engineering serves the community at large, and should be more common.

  17. Samuel Luria says:


  18. verdatum says:

    This begs for a valved system that would switch between the compressors for your food-fridge and AC and blowing air over your ice-chest, depending on temperature and solar load. Then you would never need to transport your ice anywhere, or do any other manual involvement. I wonder if any such systems exist that are designed for a residential scale.

  19. I was thrilled to see this use of the SunRNR! I got the 24V model about 4 years ago, still use it but not very efficiently – this is a great use. Hopefully my SunRNRs batteries still have life in them. I'd really like to see the details on how you set the SunRNR up with an extra battery and info on the cables you use. Do you make your own cables? I know the SunRNR cables are expensive – I got an extra cable with the SunRNR to hook up additional solar panels (or batteries); the connectors are compatible at the SunRNR end of course but not the end that would connect to my extra solar panels. I'm not knowledgeable enough to even know what connectors to order to change them out from either the extra panels or the SunRNR cable. Can you do a video on all of the types of solar panel connectors?. If there are adapters for different connectors that would be helpful to know as well. If I had a bigger budget I'd just get someone to do all this for me but that's not possible.Thanks!

  20. Wesley says:

    conventrated solar absorptive coolers are a great way to get cooling and even make ice using mirrors or fresnel lenses and sun, and uses no electricity. although they are usually pretty hard to get small scale but perhaps modifying a propane freezer from an rv and change the heat source to concentrated solar?

  21. bo ter berg says:

    I understand that taking a ball with you in your lunchbox and have a cold sandwich is good, bnut why not store the solar in a battery-bank and use the kwh you use to freeze the balls directly into your fridge to keep it cool ?
    For airco, a subterranean duct of 90 feet would probably cool your house, no electricity / solar needed. That's truly sustainable.

  22. Hangfire says:

    I would like to come up with a system that could cool a bed sized space at night, like a canopy around the bed. One that could run entirely off grid.

  23. Chris Parlow says:

    Yea thanks This will be a great vid ! Looking forward to this. Thanks sir !

  24. Joshua Kiser says:

    I've heard of zeolite refrigeration. Watched a video of a guy running it off a bike. Think it ran on suction. Might look into it some more. Zeolite has interesting properties.

  25. HonoluluTita says:

    What system or equipment would you suggest for a small condo apartment in Hawaii? I get all confused with different systems available and costs. I like watching your videos but most projects are way too large for me – but I still love watch you. Mainly I wanted to prepare for emergencies situations maybe up to a week. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experience.

  26. marthale7 says:

    So what you are doing is becoming the ice truck they had before refrigeration.

  27. I have a 12 volt picnic cooler that can cool on a small panel when the sun is out and can hold the temp overnight. Eh, its cheap(er) and not fancy, but it works

  28. ThomasG10mtn says:

    Don't believe the hype about Linear Compressors. They are designed to fail sooner, and you will not only pay more up front, but will have to replace sooner. Designed engineering failure has become BIG BUSINESS.

  29. marthale7 says:

    I have been looking at storing cold and heat. I am looking to use dried wood chips to create a mini old ice house they used to have years ago when they used sawdust for insulation. For heat storage I am looking into zeolite. When you add water to it, it gives back the heat it has.

  30. Pura Vida says:

    My 2 cents. I have been planning on building a 120v chest freezer air conditioner for awhile and not spending a ton of money. Living in Phoenix AC very important. I currently have an extremely well insulated 450 sq ft "bug-in" room that stays 20 degrees cooler than the outside 100+ F weather without any air conditioning at all. I have a grid-tied Fujitsu mini-split I can turn on anytime to Heat/Cool if i needed too. My idea would be to utilize grid electric 120v with a Danbury chest freezer when available. When power is not available utilize solar, battery(220Ah AGM), and inverter. The plan is to make 2 4" holes in the chest door (1 on the far left and 1 on the far right). The left hole would be the air intake with a screen and duct going up close to the ceiling to draw in hot air. Inside the freezer make baffled areas with galvanized flat metal that force the air to travel up and down past frozen media. The right hole would have a 12v duct fan on it and could run off 12v battery bank, place a 90 degree PVC elbow on it and force air into room. you could even insulate the whole thing with 4 1/2" Polysy foam and bury it to really amp up the efficiency if off grid and the 120 compressor was never used. At night with no solar available you could still run off the battery bank. i did a lot of research on chest freezers prior to purchasing ag a danbury 13cft chest freezer for frozen food and am very impressed with the energy efficiency. I did insulate chest door to help on the efficiency. Keep up the good work on all your videos.

  31. pegg38 says:

    775, about 6 days ago you posted a video about an upcoming "preparation gathering" , I believe sometime in May?. You mentioned you would be giving a sermon(s) in the morning. My question is, will you post a separate video for the sermon? Also, when you have the Scripture(s) you will be referencing in this sermon, will you post them in a video beforehand? Thanks. Brian

  32. wavefront101 says:

    I wonder what the efficiency of a hilsch vortex tube is.

  33. Cryogel website useless for info on purchasing said ice balls. Where did you get yours?

  34. Hi Scott, is it just water in these Cryogel balls, or some other substance?

  35. k berger says:

    making ice takes a lot of power. I tested a DCF165 unit in 80F ambient environment (with only 15F internal temp). Filled it with 8 gallons of water and waited for the temp to stabilize (took three days to get all 8 gallons solidly frozen and to start cycling again). Then i added 3/4 gallon of 80F water once per day (removing 3/4 gallon of frozen everytime I added new water). The unit used 530wh/day. I think it might be able to freeze 3 gallons of water per day MAX- and thats with the compressor running 24/7 at 30watts. This was running it at 2500RPM (with the newer 212 ECU). If you change the resistor and bump it up to 3500 RPM, you might get 6 or more gallons forzen per day… but you will also be using 60-70 watts 24/7 for around 1.6kwh per day.

  36. Larry Prince says:

    Interesting video. I would impatient they would be great for on grid homes that suffer power outages too. But how much do they cost???? Couldn't find that on their website.

  37. Andrew H says:

    Wonder if you could run a car AC pump off a water wheel to make ice 24/7. The waste water could be used to cool the condenser and a simple pipe evaporator in a water tank with a heat exchanger to let you harvest the cold.

  38. great information thank you.

  39. Nathan D says:

    No Step on Snek coffee mug! Love it!

  40. SharkZ says:

    Hey Scott it's chase

  41. interesting. fyi, if you search youtube for "solar powered air conditioning" CSIRO, an Australia based company, has an interesting technique for home solar AC.

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