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SOLAR Ground Mount. ——- DIY with 2 Axis

How I built a 2 Axis {solar lights} mount for our off grid cabin.


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9 Comments on "SOLAR Ground Mount. ——- DIY with 2 Axis"

  1. Doug Ford says:

    New sub here. Trying to figure out how to install my new system. Great ideas

  2. Very nice setup. Thanks for inviting me over to your channel. I like it. You mentioned your rails came from Iron Mountain, did you mean Iron Ridge? Mine came from Iron Ridge. I subbed and shared.

  3. Nice! solid installation! I'm a commercial solar installer and have one suggestion for ya: the small metal clamp that sits between panels to hold them to your frame would be stronger if turned 90°. that way the two tabs on the ends fit snuggly into the gap between the panels and act as spacers

  4. Very innovative. My land has bedrock, tres cool. People were wanting to blast. Let's use what's there!! Best design I have seen for vertical and horizontal movement! With our wild winds your design looks plenty strong. You've got a great crew, there! Nice tune.

  5. Makett says:

    Haha, i love the "custom" ciment mixer device , also know as : A wood stick !

  6. Ron Young says:

    Great job. Thanks for posting. I have to do a solar installation at our cabin. Your mount is nice an simple. I see that things are wrapping up (as much as they ever do), if you have any more concrete mixing try a low speed high torque drill and a 5 gallon pail. It makes quick easy work and little clean up. Ron.

  7. Steve S says:

    hmm, lots of comments 🙂

    1) I never welded but need a basic welder, what do you have?
    2) I did solar 10-12 years ago just to experiment and back then it was horrendously expensive. I did 30 watts and tried to power a shed light at night. How much for the 1k?
    3) Will you eventually motorize it to collect the optimum amount of energy?
    4) Have a great summer.

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