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Solar Generator Comparison: Goalzero Lithium 1000 vs. Inergy Kodiak

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48 Comments on "Solar Generator Comparison: Goalzero Lithium 1000 vs. Inergy Kodiak"

  1. Jesse James says:

    Nice comparison but you said that you purchased them but why didn't you have them in your video ??? I've seen other videos where you have the product in the video.

  2. embrj145 says:

    u used it for 5 years??? when did u start? when u were 10?

  3. wait there's a limit to how many times you can charge a generator?

  4. Hey Will – the Yeti 1000 has an optional MPPT controller available for purchase for around 80 bucks. It plugs into the port on the right, beneath the top lid.

  5. BRUCE LEE says:

    Yetti any different ??

  6. Ed Victory says:

    I have a Goal Zero 1400. Very happy with it. Great build quality. Easy to use. Plug and play with their suitcase 100 Watt panels. Check out both. I can add a MPPT controller to my unit. Bought on Amazon.

  7. It sure seems that Kodiak is better. But one thing to think about is that the technology in this area is changing very quickly and there may be much better alternatives by the time either of these generators wear out.

  8. BDM says:

    just purchased this one and they are available in the US, has only a 300w pure sine wave inverter but you can add up to 1000w inverter to the terminals on the side, what i like about this it has a built in AC-DC/DC-DC charge controller built in for 12v car charging and every connection is both output & input, will take all battery types including Lithium.

  9. But as I should have stated I have the yeti 3000 lithium which I use for home, camping and backup for storms,

  10. Goal zero makes a mppt controller which you can max out with 1200 watts of panels

  11. ZiggZagg11 says:

    How would the Kodiac work with a 12v compressor refrigerator 2.7 amp max…? Would it power one overnight and be able to charge 100% the next day…? 200-watt solar panel…

  12. Section 26 says:

    Good video, trying to find a good SHTF solar power option. What’s happens when a battery reaches its cycle life and you can’t replace the battery? Will it still hold a charge at all?

  13. MrLopezj11 says:

    Make a comparison with the renogy

  14. J STRATTEN says:

    Thank you for the information REALLY very informative! And my god your gorgeous!

  15. John Putnam says:

    Can you point me to your comparison of the Kodiak with the Patriot Power Generator or a review of the same?

  16. M VanGolaura says:

    I just recived my Kodiac , let you know after few month use, looks great .

  17. Gene Vi says:

    nice detail comps. I've been looking at the goal zero 1000, but held back due to the input and other issues. I'm going to be working from van in a few years and looking at different energy alternatives. I purchase a AGM batterry and solar panels from 200w mono panels from Renogy. But, lithium seems to be the answer in a few years. Keep up the good videos.

  18. PnPrailroad says:

    One comment: The 500 cycles on the Goal Zero lithium series is down to 80% not down to 0%, read the manual. also the input levels given seem to be more to ptotect the lead in cables people use in the field. I feel 3, 100watt pannels on each input is fine, just combine in a parralel combiner or an APP bus block. With the MPPT accesory input module mounted in the top you can get a full charge time on solar in at 3.5 hours and you still have 3 more inputs on the unit itself. Go wild !

  19. your are a smart kid! great future is ahead of you.

  20. aimhigh_ida says:

    I watch your Plantar Fasciitis videos and was looking for info on the Yeti 1000 and then I found you, what better reviewer than you? Just subbed.

  21. 13clicks ! says:

    Are these solar generators small size versions of tesla wall battery?

  22. Would like to see this product reviewed when a hurricane hits and power is lost. Here in south Florida, many of us look for a generator to run the fridge (don't want all the food to spoil), a fan (not the AC but just the fan), and finally a light or two. Could this handle the load and for how long?

  23. Great video thanks… but just wondering why you say that the efficiency is so low when charging from solar panels?

  24. Just wondering if all charge inputs go through the pwm controller? That sucks if you can't get a 1 C charge, defeats the purpose of lithium. Build your own using xantrex XI inverter charger, this unit allows you to fine tune for lithium.

  25. Ed Ram says:

    Wow, thanks Will for all the information your doing an incredable job. Just wanted to know do you do installations?

  26. Kodiak has great customer service and very patient when I asked questions. They also offer financing through a national credit company. I bought my first goal zero Yeti 400 awhile ago and I'm not impressed. The one thing that Goal Zero has over Kodiak is display. The display on the Kodiak sucks compared to Goal Zero. Also in comparing both, Goal Zero looks better whereas Kodiak looks sort of like a military unit that's not quite finished, primarily because of the finish and display but still rugged. Price is also a factor-for the cost of a Kodiak you could set up a pretty nice, and far more wattage solar system of your own. I did and I knew nothing about solar systems and taught myself watching many many videos and wedsites.

  27. seraphim1313 says:

    Shouldn't you be comparing the Goal Zero 1400 with the Inergy Kodiak, if we're going to be comparing anything, it should be price. Goal Zero $1,999.00 vs Inergy $1,899.00, That surely will put things in better perspective. The Goal Zero 1000 is about $1,000.00 and you can only buy it from Costco. You had me convinced to go out and get an Inergy Kodiak until I saw the price.

  28. the more I look at this video the more you are turning into Sheldon from Big Bang Theory…lol…

  29. Mike Knife says:


  30. Thanks for the info. I am going to look at the Kodiak closer for my van.

  31. wow your eyes are mesmorizing

  32. Bruce Haslam says:

    Thought someone would like to know that Cosco sells the Goal Zero Lithium 1000 solar generator for $999. That is almost $300 less than I can find anywhere else.

  33. Newport Mike says:

    VERY helpful my man. Thank you for taking the time.

  34. Talking a lot of money over the long term? I would try getting my hands on salvaged batteries out plug in hybrid electric vehicles? Or how about this get a hybrid and convert it to a plug in hybrid vehicle so you can have a car that is also your power? I understand folks want more space but the world is your living room? If you are mostly a LOCAL/REGIONAL OTR in your activity you don't need the space you need a bed a storage unit and a network of showers.

    You should convert your hybrid car to a tractor by installling a trailer hitch. The IDEAL trailer you want is a A frame A LITE camper they are not cheap but IDEAL for this. If you can't get one of them your next best bet if money is an option is either a 4x4x8 runaway camper or you can DIY with a harbor freight trailer and build your own crib on top. You don't want to tow it with everywhere you go you want to engineer your life so you park it and move it only maybe 3x a year max and not huge treks. You want to make it where you can at least sit up in it when you are on a stool, so your head is not bowed that lowered head will start to hurt and you will not want to sit like that long. Best to have it where you can stand up bent over and your back does not touch the roof. You get this and you can sit on a stool watch tv or read on them days where you just want to chill. If you can't get this then budget a hotel stay time to time and go with the 4x4x8

    Your ultimate goal would be to find a home owner that wants a little extra money or wishes for you to work for a space. But that work space almost always turns into an older person with full focus on you and that never is a good deal pay your way is the only true way you will have any life.

    The ideal location would be one where you can wheel your trailer out of sight and you are not noticed coming and going close to good shopping and a gym to shower if there is a library even better. Where you have a power cord WIFI cable tv , run a fan TV freezer, radio light. Transfer bottles of ice from your freezer to a 30 quart well insulated chest to serve as your ice box. Cook using propane or a bio stove if acceptable. You want to be minimalist and not dent their power bill or worse draw so much you trip the breaker that would be a deal breaker if they have to keep resetting the breaker. You always want to use headphones even if they are noise makers you never want to make noise it will cause trouble. Your best bet is to be there but they hardly know anything changed. Even if they try and be friendly avoid contact say hello but always have something you are off to do so you can never wear out your welcome. If it is in your power to have extra always think of them people never want to get rid of people that are generous.

    If all that is not possible then you go to plan B storage unit so you can live well and store stuff you will need like winter clothes clothes spinner so you can do your laundry by hand and not wait forever for your clothes to dry. It is very difficult to have all you will ever need in a hybrid vehicle it is not advisable to carry additional weight either you want to use your car for economy if possible and that hybrid battery can serve you if you need be. You can even get a solar suitcase and use it to help keep juice in your car. IDK of you can charge your hybrid battery with a solar suitcase I will let you know when I get mine in I was told by RENOGY that if you attach the panels to your 12 volt battery and your car turns on it will not damage the panel the charge controller is designed to expect these things and will toggle from charging to standby when this occurs. But I think not sure I think you can leave your car in stand by have the panel attached to the 12 volt and it should send reserve energy into your hybrid I am not sure on this but I think you should.

  35. Warriorsrus says:

    Guessing this uses an MPPT controller?

  36. Qxox X says:

    Your eyes omgggg😍😫

  37. Alex Tucker says:

    I have a Yeti150 (yeah, I know, all that power, LOL) that I take on camping trips. When the battery finally died (about 6 years later), I contacted GZ and they sent me a link to purchase a replacement battery. Great comparison video! Thanks for sharing.

  38. Isn't one big advantage of llithium batteries is the ability to fast charge? Both of these take a long time to charge. With a decent alternator, you should be able to charge lithium batteries at 50-100 amps per hour. At this point you really need to make your own lithium pack or house battery setup to take advantage of this. Other wise, save a lot of money and buy AGM or even flooded cell deep cycle batteries. All your really gaining with these lithium packs is a weight savings.

  39. Amelia Smith says:

    Goal zero cheaper, 30 days return, and by the time you need another way better options to choose from.

  40. good info! what about hooking up either of those two systems to a battery isolator on your vehicle? can it be done? if so…then yeah you can charge them both up wayyyyy faster.

  41. The Kodiak WILL NOT last any longer than a Goal Zero. It's just advertising. They are both using the same battery chemistry. In fact with the Goal Zero using a less aggressive charging cycle all other things being equal. It will last longer than a Kodiak. Considering the Kodiak is almost twice as expensive as a GZ 1000, get a GZ 1400 which is still less expensive with 40% more battery. It will cycle much less with it's extra battery reserve and last even longer!

  42. baldurt says:

    How does the Kodiak stack up against the GZ Yeti1400? It's bigger and costs $200 less. Great video btw.

  43. Great review here and also the deep Kodiak review. However, you are comparing advertised specs, when in the Kodiak review, the device did not meet the specs during your power draw test. If Goal Zero is being more realistic or conservative, and Kodiak is overly optimistic, that changes the equation quite a bit.

  44. Thanks for the comparison. I never heard of the kodiak untill your posts, it looks like a super system when powered with enuff panels & xtra battery it may be the easiest, safest way for my build. Would it be feasible to use a stinger isolator as well?

  45. theLutheran1 says:

    how did the solar eclipse effect your solar charging rate?

  46. Nice one Will! Geez if you can re-charge the Kodiak that many more times, it sounds better. And you mentioned a lot of other benefits as well. Good comparison vid. I really shouldn't need tons of power myself. I figured the Goldzero was cheaper up front, but if the Kodiak lasts that much longer, the price would be worth it. I'm glad you did the lead acid battery year comparison. I heard the lead acids can conk out even sooner when in prolonged heat or cold, which can occur in van-living situations.

  47. It costs $900 more than the Goalzero!! I call that a ripoff. And why does Goalzero's lithium batteries only have 500 charge cycles? Do they use cheap Chinese Lithiums or bad battery management system?

  48. Thanks. Now I know which one I have to buy now.

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