Solar Garden Lights, KOMRT Outdoor Waterproof Wireless Solar Powered LED Night Light Motion Sensor 4 Mode Light for Patio Deck Yard Driveway Fence Garden Security Light for Nursery Bright Wall Lamp

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Operation instructions:
1. Unlock and activate the {solar lights} light? The internal battery is locked from factory for safety shipment, so users have to press the “on/off” switch button to unlock the battery and lighting system.
2. How to install the device? Please use the supplied Expansion pillar-hinge and screws to mount the device on Pole or wall anywhere outside you want for lighting.
3. Charging via {solar lights} Please install the unit face south and make sure the {solar lights} and make sure the {solar lights} can get the good sunlight directly without any shelter or glass.
4. Bright light mode When people walk around 2 meters does in darkness or at night, it will turn on bright light. When you turn on the switch, it will work delay 10s.

Special note:
1. Please fully charge the device before first use.
2. If there is no good sunlight in 3 months, the battery may be out of power, so you have to charge it by bright sunlight, when it’s fully charged, please unlock the device and lighting system, otherwise, it can’t work anymore.
3. If light blink means the power is very low, you have to charge it by sunlight soon, otherwise, the device will stop working soon.
4. If there is no good sunlight or in winter sunlight, especial in North countries, it may take longer time to fully charge the device and this is very normal for {solar lights} products.

Package include:
1 x Double sided adhesive tape
1 x Expansion pillar hinge
1 x Screw

All KOMRT items offer 12 months warranty. 24-hour friendly email customer service.35 LED {solar lights} Lights:35 LED with double gold wire design offers super bright lighting and stable illumination for a wide area.With 5000mA Li Battery?it can work for two night if it’s full charged.
Weatherproof and Anti-lost install design: Tightly-sealed housing allows it to be waterproof.Anti-lost design can help you anvoid item losting.
More mode for you choose:Full on Mode suits for the front door, back door, outdoor patio, deck area backyard etc. Reduced Light Mode suits for balcony railing, side and back yard, entryway etc.; Motion Detector Only Mode suits for garage, driveway, path, fence etc.
LED Battery Indicator:The Battery Indicator flashes during charging.Four Blue lights lit after fully charged.The battery indicator with built-in battery becomes extinguished in dscending order.
Easy to install: Super easy to set up. Save your precious time in installing the electrical wire. As winter approached the sunshine becomes weaker than summer, please make sure the item is put in direct sunlight all day so that it can absorb more sunlight for charging.

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