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Solar Everything!!!

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First couple of days to get a rush solar job up and running for Ask This Old House. Everything was crazy! Thankfully we had Gain Solar and Copperhead Electric …


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23 Comments on "Solar Everything!!!"

  1. Tom Stedham says:

    FYI: "north Cuba" is "Miami."

  2. Jay Schell says:

    Please do a final walk through when the project is all done.

  3. Toshiba – LTO – Lithium Titanate Oxide

  4. NiCe sYstem thank you sharing

  5. James Todd says:

    what kind of elitist Illuminati people are u Workin for coming from Cuba arranged oboma incorporate american defeatest millennials……….. wow are u a American or internationalist?….. Thanks oboma.ya this is what we need in America I'm a loyal patriot are u sure u know what ur doing?

  6. Hats off to your success.
    Question: What increase in sales do you attribute to your YT presence versus if you did not have a YT channel ?
    For example do you receive half of your business through YT exposure ?
    Do you advertise anywhere or is your new customers all referrals ?

  7. wxfield says:

    Solar Everything!!! –> EMP –> Solar Nothing!!!

  8. You are on a super awesome project. Why aren't you making more videos?

  9. Mark Osborne says:

    Johnny Valentine—- Hilarious !!!!!!!!!

  10. on ROI'S.. Technology with ROI's under seven uears is accessible to me. A mini split heat pump costing $4200.00 installed that has first year savings of $1,000.00 makes sense but a hybrid water heater at $1395.00 (Self installed) with a 8 year pay back is not so good when the durability is 10 years. Lots to think about when spending hard earned money.

  11. Scott, I have a few questions for you to ask the Ask This Old House crew. If they can answer them.
    A) what season and episode will this house be featured in?
    B) I know they installed PV panels on their barns roof top a couple seasons ago. And they were featured in their opening scenes since… (what episode was that?) Until last season. Are the panels still installed and their just using an older stock video? If they're not installed, why not?


  12. Donald Smith says:

    To bad you can't kick some of the ∆$ off. I like your information. Some is over my head. But if I knew all about this I would not need to watch your videos. I like to learn things. I have thought about doing some solar panel systems. But like on SS disability and will need to do a little at a time as I can afford it. Thanks for the information!!

  13. Kurt Palmer says:

    Personally I preferred the recorded videos they were much higher quality than the live ones

  14. wait huh do you have like absorption cooling too?

  15. MN SHP says:

    if you break a solar panel, what do you do with them

  16. Jessie Eller says:

    Jessie love your videos THANKS.

  17. blue ferral says:

    Just turned on 19.8 Kw over in Greenville (ground mount). I can't afford to buy it out right had to go with one of those solar leases.

  18. WASUP52 says:

    engineer775 Practical Preppers Why southeastern facing solar panels? Wouldn't they get more sunlight for longer if they were facing directly south? Was it choice of preference by the owners or a location based decision?

  19. Johnny Valentine is a trip, I bet he's a fun guy to work with lol

  20. What a freaking cool set up! I love to see you guys succeed and it appears your doing just that. Looking forward to seeing the PBS episode and I hope you put out a really long detailed video

  21. Just seen your testimony and just wanted to thank you . May our God Bless you. Live for ever.

  22. Danny Hyatt says:

    Unless a shelter is built over this equipment wall, this is not NEMA 3R (raintight). The wire trough and conduit connectors are approved for indoor installation only not outdoor.

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