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solar energy supplier in the philippines

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equator Philippines – is one of the biggest provider of renewable energy in the Philippines.

With the ongoing energy crisis most people are experiencing nowadays, solar energy has become one of the most viable options that can help them. The establishment of Equator Energy Corporation proves that renewable energy can help residents receive energy that they can use in their everyday lives.

This solar energy company in the Philippines ought to provide sustainable source of energy for everyone, which is why they provide solar panel installation to cater to the needs of every person to get solar energy and use it on a daily basis.

In addition, Equator Energy Corporation, as a solar energy supplier, can help cut down electricity cost because many companies these days continue to use oil-based source of energy. This type of energy is non-renewable, which makes way for its price to soar because of the continuous usage.

So far, there are groups of solar energy supplier in the Philippines that can provide alternative yet stable source of energy to people. Solar panel installation must be done efficiently to provide great help for people for the coming years. On the other hand, there are other sources of renewable energy. Equator Energy Corporation also offers services to utilize wind as a source of energy. It is also a wind energy provider in the Philippines

Indeed, Equator Energy Corporation will provide all the essential support to help people cut down spending and save money they allot in terms of energy consumption.


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26 Comments on "solar energy supplier in the philippines"

  1. My works too. Used Inplix handbooks and build it with no problems.

  2. Go to inplix page if you'd like to know how to build it. Great solutions for everyone I think

  3. @-rhonda seaward put ure bullshit on an other place pls

  4. hi! sir i heard the solar power phill. wants to buy a parcel of land here in quezon if iits true just pm me in my email add. lgayeta at yahoo. com.

  5. hi po ako po yung tumawag just this moment.unattended na po kasi cp nyo.  good for two aircon po sana yung dna kakailanganin pa si meralco? salamat po..sana masagot po ninyo maraming salamat po

  6. billy durant says:

    Hi pwede po ba maging subcon installer niyo.. 09394085707..

  7. landorabe says:

    natapos ang interview hindi man lang sinabi kung magkano ang presyo ng solar na iyan,at kung kaya ba niyang patakbuhin ang 1.5 horse power  or 3 horse power,kung ilang watts ang kaya niya e kung nasagot sana ang mga ito baka mas gaganda yong sale nila?

  8. Ano aasahan natin sa gobyerno? sabi nga ng presidente: "… If you put up a solar plant, what do you when the sky is cloudy?”. gusto niya kasi di-uling ang gamit ng Pilipinas…

  9. jay correa says:

    kung magpapagawa ang Gobyerno ng kuryente mula sa hangin at araw… ok sana.. kaso puro corrupt… sya na may sabi…. ang bansa ay mayaman sa init ng araw….paano na yun…..

  10. Jun Angcos says:

    Hi Sir Ed, Ang tanong ng karamihan ay kung magkano magpakabit at yan din ang tanong ko ngayon pero wala kapang sagot sa mga tanong. pwedi po bang malaman? magkano aabutin kung mag pa kabit ako. Load ko. o.5hp A/C,7500w ref,550w tv, 5pcs 50w lighting. Thanks

  11. James Valina says:

    pang bahay lang magkano kaya? cost nito thank u!

  12. dsanmig22 says:

    madali lng po sya ikabit, mghanap lng po kau ng electronic technician easying easy yan sa knila, bili lang kau ng pyesa at materyales . madami nng supplier sa manila

  13. dsanmig22 says:

    ang gulo mo mgpaliwanag

  14. Glenn Hough says:

    Well I think its time, since Philippines is a tropical country solar is the best solution.. this is great!

  15. joel seguera says:

    magkano nman ang magagastos natin sa pag pakabit sa bahay

  16. To the uploader: Im interested to purchase solar energy panel. I have few queries and I hope you can reply me here and for everyone's knowledge for those who are interested to purchase. 
    How much does it cost?
    Is it free installation?
    What appliances can it support?
    How many watts can it support?
    Can it support wairconditioner (1.5 horse power) ? Two door fridge (160 watts )
    What happens during rainy days?
    Does it need protection from the furious wind during stormy season?
    Does it need to be plugged too in the electrical outlet
    Should it be only installed in the rooftop?
    Is this under HOLDUPPER MERALCO too? Oh noooo!
    Then we will more additional surcharges too!!

  17. I nteresado po sa solar energy…taga Lobo,Batangas po ako.

  18. phish1391 says:

    we know the technology is not cheap but i think it would be great if you could provide estimates in your website. Meralco sucks ass.

  19. Sir, Bernardo Fabola, magkano po kaya ang magagasta natin kung ako ay magpagawa or magpalagay po sa inyo ng "solar panel" sa aking bahay? Kindly Sir can u send me some messages abt. my question. This is my email "".

  20. im interested, i want to start using solar energy

  21. Norman Cruz says:

    can you pls give us idea how much it will cost?

  22. @ cezar – Batelec 2 cooperative sa lipa city distributor ko. Out of country pa ako kaya wala pa akong time magtanong sa distributor ko.

  23. Puede na ba grid tie inverter sa philippines? 

  24. Levy Nabong says:

    I want to do a project in mindanao that needed to equivalent of 250amps@250volt power,,.Can you give me ball park figure of how much will it cost to install this. Thanks,,,you can e-mail me at

  25. magkano naman po ang abutin kng ang gamit sa ay paganahin lahat ng solar energy?

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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    Wind Turbine Power

    Wind Power Kits

    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again


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