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Solar energy / Solar photovoltaics / Photovoltaic effect (3D animation)
This video puts the complexity of solar energy and {solar lights} cells into plain English.


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32 Comments on "Solar energy / Solar photovoltaics / Photovoltaic effect (3D animation)"

  1. I know you have solution for that on inplix website. just google 'inplix' and click the PIG :)))

  2. Alec Risser says:

    The most effective solar panels, although great, are only capturing less than a tenth of what they could be attaining from basking in the sun's output of the EM spectrum. Even if photovoltaic cells could absorb 99.9% of the electromagnetic energy they're bathing in, it would be a small dispersed fraction of the sun's energy. This is because the cell is covering a speck of the suns 129,600 degrees of directional output; I'm no math wiz, so someone correct me if I'm wrong, but the sun is roughly a sphere and a circle is 360 degrees so add the third dimension and 360X360 be the directional coverage of a sphere right? I think 3D objects use a different mathematic media to describe what I'm talking about, but I haven't learnt such math yet, or didn't understand it if I have, but I digress.

     About that directional output I was referring to, if you start to draw 360 lines from a point using a protractor you'll see that the space between the lines becomes greater as the lines get further out. This can give you a numeric understanding as to why the suns radiation becomes less dense or concentrated as you get further out without being a physicist. In conclusion, if you want to get the most energy out of the sun you'd need to get as close to it as possible and build something like a Dyson Sphere. However, this would far exceed our power needs.

  3. Manoj Kumar says:

    can u tell me ,why only solar light is used to generate the power.i mean why the light coming from household bulb is not used

  4. no really infinite, but last for millions of years

  5. Yah we know the oil company doesnt own the sun, no one does

  6. can you tell me, what aplikasi you use to make this video. especially at the house part.
    sorry because my english is bad.

  7. excellent explanation

  8. Mike Zeke says:

    lost me at "infinite" lol

  9. Niki Isufi says:

    please do a video about how does an inverter work

  10. Excellent! Would you allow me to translate it into Portuguese? If so, please adjust the settings to enable translations. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  11. Psychopathis says:

    1000 kW/hour per m^2 or 1000W/hour per m^2?

  12. magna59 says:

    Nice piece of work ….. and you mostly kept the muzac under control .

  13. zu s says:

    nice job! easy explanation

  14. Thank you for making it simple and understanding

  15. suroj bera says:

    Thank you very much sir for sharing this valuable video..

  16. TinCarpter says:

    Phosphorus? Did you mean silicon in that bit?

  17. Samuel Shajy says:

    nicely explained , u just explained the whole process , thanks

  18. Very well done animation video to explain the Solar cell , thank you professor

  19. if boron is added in between silicon then 1 electron should be free in 2:16 as it has only 3 valence electrons

  20. Thank you sir…..for such a magical explanation

  21. good explanation

  22. Bertie Blue says:

    Nicely explained Tommy.

  23. G_glop says:

    F you! And all promoters of fotovoltaic energy! Only reason why it still exists it because people are too dumb too google and see that the avreage efficiency of a solar panel is 12%, but power plant that uses mirrors to reflect the sun onto a heat exchanger has efficiency of 84%!!!

  24. Thankyou so much fr Professional and simple explanation (y)

  25. Thank you for sharing this this is very informative and very helpful..

  26. Gotin Fuklio says:

    the sun energy is much more expensive, because with 1M dollars invested in sun power you will produce less energy than 1M invested in oil well. so sell the solar panels, invest the cash in the bank and buy petrol with the monthly increase.

  27. solar power is not free.. solar power is not cheap.. solar power is very weak compared to "fossil fuel" and unless you are feeding solar generated power back into the grid which is really where you are getting your electricity from then you are buying a huge amount of batteries to store it…. once you look at the total cost per watt and all the nasty materials you need to build the system there's no real environmental savings.. it's all BS.. btw, I have a 1000 watt worth of solar panel, a charge controller, an 1100 amphour battery bank and an inverter.. it cost me over $6000 and can run my 24 inch imac for 24 hours on a good day…. the rest of my stuff is run on propane because it's impossible to run it all on solar unless I have a acre of panels and 4000 lbs of batteries and am willing to spend about 20 thousand dollars..

  28. Save energy using solar energy can make you into money saver and also environment saver..

  29. Ni Soros says:

    Great video! Thanks for making it! I am still confused about one thing– when the electrons from the p-n junction are energized enough to move back into one of the layers, why do they move back to the negatively charged n-type layer, and not to the positively-charged p-layer, to which they are naturally attracted? I see that they do this eventually, but they have to go through one or more loads and through condoctor first, and experience resistance this way. Could you or someone else clarify this? 

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