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Purchase: This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror.
Once focused this energy can be used to cook food, sterilize water even create electricity.
Includes an explanation of Energy, Power, Joules, Watts. Examples of radiant, heat, chemical and kinetic energy are given.
Includes links to directions for constructing a simple solar concentrator.


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40 Comments on "Solar Energy Concentrator"

  1. Dan Tyler says:

    Using such a solar concentration device to direct increased levels of sunlight onto solar cells would be a very effective way to destroy (melt) said cells.

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  3. You may go to Inplix website if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

  4. De Cook says:

    Commercial Solar Panels are too Expensive !!
    If you want a Cheap solution to Power your Home,
    You have to Learn to Build your Own Solar Panels
    Go to Google and Search for:
    Top DIY Solar Panels Research by John Sommer
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  5. Barn Dweller says:

    You look small when you Cuss at people and call them names.

  6. The earth is not millions or billions of years old. God created the earth 6 thousand years ago. Evolution is a belief without demonstrable evidence.

  7. do not purchase solar panels prior to watching this eyeopening presentation. google "mike lewis diy solar"

  8. You can build a single solar panel, or you can build an entire array of panels.Why pay thousands of dollars for solar energy..Catch the method here. ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  9. vic86m says:

    I see a day where gulf wars will be shunned and nations will fight for sun! More colonies means more surface area, means more energy 🙁

  10. With the technology we have now you can heat homes,This would cut heating oil use and help clean the air from oil coal and wood heating systems.
    In the big cities use the roof tops just for limited power in the buildings this would cut back on the amount of power generated by coal and gas and it would help the national grid by taking some of the supply load off. This is what we could do if alternative energy was not a political tool of the Obama Administration.need to use the knowledge we have

  11. Glenn Hough says:

    Indeed, It uses direct sunlight to produce energy, the solar panel are built in the USA, solar panels are created using glass lenses which capture the sun's energy and allow it to become it into electricity.

  12. just use it to split hydrogen! more hydrogen in the universe than any other fuel. There is a safe simple way to contain hydrogen also. do your homework. Get a 1950's -60's chemistry book for high school. A 6 volt dry cell will create a nice little firecracker of hydrogen within less than a min. So a solar cell every day creating hydrogen, then storing it is far more efficient than what is used today!

  13. sylverdrag says:

    We are discussing how to produce more energy to improve our standards of living. Not how to decrease them. Saving energy is a losing game. What we need are new sources of energy in abundance. Not just to play catch up but to move forward. We have the technology to provide clean water everywhere… but energy is too expensive. The cost of energy is underlying every human activity. If we can develop a clean, cheap, abundant energy supply, problems likes poverty, hunger, pollution… can be solved.

  14. sylverdrag says:

    Bottom line, a solution needs to account for the proper magnitude required. Our population is exploding and so are our energy needs. We need real long term solutions that can provide many times over for our energy needs. Not feel good "solutions" that can't even hope to cope with today's energy requirements. And such solutions exist. The LFTR for instance. We can produce energy cheaply, safely, and in abundance, with a technology available today. Why waste land on huge solar farms?

  15. sylverdrag says:

    If you want water, do you: A. collect condensation or B. drill a well? Collecting condensation is useful, but it does not scale well. Ground level solar energy has its uses but doesn't scale because you can't collect more than 100% of the solar energy received, you can't collect it at night and output drops when you need it most (winter)…. Space based solar power could work, the real challenge is transfering that energy to the ground. …

  16. You lack vision.Solar, wind,geothermal, tidal, etc.are small steps to solve a large problem.These technologies are also at their infancy. Methods will improve and having low cost solar panels on every home will be a good start. Maybe,as technology improves,we can have space-based satellite solar power or Dyson Spheres. People once thought the Wright Brothers were insane for believing we could fly.It's a good thing Tesla and Henry Ford,or even Elon Musk did/do not have your defeatist attitude.

  17. @ Adam Smith
    If you want to Power Your Home
    You have to learn to Build your Own Solar Panels..
    Go to Google and search for
    " Top DIY Solar Panels Review "
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    It is a blog that Explains it all in Details…

  18. TrCic says:

    Good thing the Wright Bros, NASA, & many others didnt/dont think as U do, or else we would still be earthbound and living in caves if they did.

    Do your own investigating, i am tired of leading folks around and trying to open their eyes.

    Who said anything about getting more energy out of the sun than it produces ? Who said anything about bursting into flames ?
    Why do you limit your response to only solar, when MULTIPLE sources were mentioned as werking in concert to provide all our power ??

  19. sylverdrag says:

    That's cute. Which experts, what was said exactly and what is the plan? Do you know why you don't burst in flames and disintegrate? Because there is a definite limit to solar power. You can't get more than 100% of the solar power that a surface receives… and guess what? At peak exposure, it wouldn't even come close to our needs today, let alone our needs in 10 years.

  20. TrCic says:

    Actually, iirc, experts say less than 1% of the earths surface would be needed for renewable energy sources. Sun, Wind, Tidal, etc. And that was based on using todays technology. Remove the profit restrictions keeping these soruces from progressing & even less surface area of the planet would be needed.

    Also, Hydroponic & vertical growing facilites make much more efficient use of space for growing, but again, profits stand in the way of progress.

    Anyways, awesome vid, am subscribing now. 🙂

  21. You should check out the MIT study : "future of geothermal energy". There are 2000 zetajoules of untapped resources that can be easily reached and ALL the humanity used about 0.5 zetajoules/ year. This means that if we use that geothermal power, we will have energy for 4000 years just from one resource.

  22. Steady I Really Like This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror.

  23. Relawan Tivi says:

    Good, I like that you share this video, I wish success always This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror.

  24. RainbowTV HD says:

    Nice Video That You Share , So Very Nice Thanks You This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror.

  25. TV 2 FILM says:

    I Really Like The Video From Your This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror.

  26. Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing This video demonstrates how solar energy can be focused with a curved mirror.

  27. cepedaruben1 says:

    We like to have energy supplied at will. We would need the sun twenty four seven for this contraption to be practical and we all know that this isn't going to happen. So this is not a good idea for most of us. Also how will it follow the constant movement of the sun by itself? This is something already thought up many moons ago or in this case many suns ago. Come up with a brighter idea utilising what you already have add a solar battery pack and a powered servo motor to at least follow the sun.

  28. Очень хорошо. Понятно. Дочке очень понравилось.

  29. Renewable resources should be used for the energy that we use primarily today. Fossil fuels should be like back up energy or something. But why isn't it happening? It seems like a good idea, or am I missing something?

  30. seachordjr says:


    Can't run on water, we would suck our planet dry.

  31. sylverdrag says:

    Hum, so a solar plant the size of a small city in the desert (an area which receives a very large amount of sun energy) is barely enough to power a small city today? This is so typical of "solutions" made without understanding the real magnitude of the problem. We need a solution that can produce 100 times our current energy consumption. Not a "solution" that can barely keep up with our current needs and requires more land than we use for producing our food and lodging.

  32. MetalSpiral says:

    Remember kids, say no to fossil fuels!

  33. bluefly46 says:

    This is not so simple for the underprivileged. How long has the system been developing the need for Dependency??? Teach compassionately and the word will spread far and wide… Everyone needs to learn what they can do with their own hands using the simplest materials. Currently I am working on photovoltaic rubber to transfer dc in conjunction with an air battery. Praise the Universe and the wisdom to create!

  34. Juju Rellama says:

    During the days of british rule the US paid 1 Dollar for a barrel of oil. And who got rich? The Rockefellers. What did Iraq get out of it? What is Nigeria getting out of BP? Poverty. What did the gulf of Mexico get out of BP? Sheer destruction, War, chaos, poverty, The oil and cash flow is lopsided, Those are enough reasons to turn away from oil, But for the profiteers it s the reason to hang on to oil as long as possible,

  35. Juju Rellama says:

    hydrogen cell has been tested now for 20 years by german car makers, For some reason they dont want to produce them, Putin is sneering because he needs customers for his oil and gas, How fast do we have to go in cars? Industry is capable of dealing with any problem. The longer we wait the more we debit future generations, The ecological footprint is too large at present, Oil is far too expensive, Look at those oil conglomerates and the sheiks, They bath in money, That money is needed elsewhere

  36. osimnod says:

    @lunafringe10 — OK, what is the range of these "solar" vehicles? How long does it take to recharge them? What provides the electricity to recharge them? Putin just made fun of you Germans by stating you'd need to get your wood from Siberia, rather than use natural gas or nuclear power for electricity generation. Do you really want to chop down trees to run vehicles? And please show me these 'water-run" vehicles. Don't be so silly.

  37. Juju Rellama says:

    @osimnod vehicles can even run on solar energy, it produces electricity, As you well know, german scientists made military vehicles run on wood. I even heard they can run on water, But its just as well the industry doesnt want it, Or else we d be dying of thirst, Cause there wouldnt be anymore of it

  38. osimnod says:

    @lunafringe10 — On what fuel does your vehicle run? There is a place for wind and solar, primarily for off-grid, remote and rural locations. Even with battery back-up, the intermittent, uncontrollable and unpredictable nature of these inputs don't lend them well to base-load, on-demand power requirements. PHEVs still need to be plugged in for recharging and their range is restrictive. You must keep in mind power density and capacity factor.

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