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Solar Denied

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So I got an update on permission to fit solar panels to our roof, turns out the listed building opposite is going to be a problem after all… Following me on instagram:…


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35 Comments on "Solar Denied"

  1. ExRE_Sapper says:

    Why don't you set up several panels on a steel frame in your back garden

  2. Five-O says:

    Whitey likes some gangsta muzzack.

  3. Your vlog has seasons and episodes

  4. tanzanable says:

    Would a smartflower or another similar smart tree that tracks the sun work on your property? How could they not allow such a beautiful solar flower like this?

  5. Super -sim says:

    I would build a log cabin if you have sun out back. Has to be less than 2.5m high and 30m2 without planning. You can cover it with solar panels.

  6. mark rowe says:

    that's stupid. there's always the tesla tiles that look the same whenever they show up there. you can always throw some panels up on the summer house and feed batteries.

  7. Alaa Sadek says:

    2 kW is plenty. If you get 1500 hours a year that is 3,000 kWh per year. If your car consumes 100 kWh per week that means that you can charge your car 30 times a year from the sun.

  8. If [man made] climate change was real, if the world really was approaching the point of no return – do you really think they would deny solar panels? Think about this for a second peeps.

  9. Bonkers its your property and your doing your bit for the environment. A few people on a power trip if you ask me. Best thing i put on my roof saving a fortune on electricity and also got a ashp as well. Bloody tories they allow a fracking company to drill anywhere but no no on onshore wind turbines. Real shame

  10. Alex Ferrara says:

    Should I point out that solar panels are not really a reflective surface. Reflected photons would make for fairly inefficient panels.

  11. HairlessHare says:

    That shirt looks like chainmail

  12. SuperMadpom says:

    If the problem is the courtyard what about using the other side of the house? How much less efficient would panels be on the opposite side off the roof? I appreciate the Ideal for Nothern hemisphere would be South facing and 30 degree slope or something and here in NZ the opposite.

  13. Marcus T. says:

    It would be interesting to know with what excuse the planners would come with if solar roof tiles would be your plan.

  14. shedevilXL2 says:

    sad to hear getting denied by planning. in order to get more from your small garden,have u ever heard of the smartflower? ( ) goodluck anyways ;hope they still reconsider,greetz!

  15. jur4x says:

    How many tourists a day visit your area to see this "marvellous example of architectural history of rural England"? lol
    always considered all that "listed" crap to be nothing more than an unnecessary relikt that is designed to make once life miserable.

  16. Is wind power an option for you I know solar would be better but wind is better than nothing

  17. We have a listed building and was not allowed to put solar on the roof, so we got 4KW solar array set up in the back garden that follows the sun.

  18. Tony Parisio says:

    Tesla solar roof tiles look the same as you current tiles.

  19. Toby Dell says:

    did you have to apply for planning because it was over4K?

  20. TheCDANet says:

    You can build the solar panels into a self-standing structure in your yard. Easier to maintain and keep clean.

  21. As this (I think its 5.6kWp) follows the sun it would produce more energy than the same size in stationary form.

  22. Guess who used CLIMATE CHANGE in a legal case to build climate protection against ocean erosion of the land. The lawyers representing DONALD climate denier TRUMP when they needed to build ocean protection at Gleneagles golf course in Scotland.

  23. YOUR MISTAKE is letting a third party go between do the talking and explaining for you. You need to get the council people to come down and look at the section facing next door's extension. Demand that they see it for themselves. NEVER TRUST third party strangers to represent you to the authorities !!

    2. Buy a couple of normal size systems for Sophie's family as an offset with battery storage. You could buy two systems
    for two normal size homes for what you were going to spend.

  25. This is TOTAL BULLSHIT ! Ask your neighbour to sign a no-objection statement. Your other neighbour has solar.

  26. did zanussi actually put in a planning application or have they gone down the pre application advice route? if the application has been rejected, then you should have been issued a rejection notice stating their reason for rejection(if it was a pre application advice they went for, then it could be just a verbal indication that they will get). if you do get a proper rejection, dependant on what their reasoning is, then take it to appeal, it will take another 3-6 months to resolve, but youll then get an independent planner from a different part of the country to look at the application and more often than not they will approve as long as whoever is doing the planning puts in a decent case etc. its really not that much more work!

  27. pol1250 says:

    I told you not to ask for permission….

  28. We've just had ours installed 20 odd days ago. We didn't ask for permission, because its below 4kWh or whatever the max is.

  29. Mayhemm007 says:

    What happens if you ignore the planning dept, which just sounds like they're anti-solar, and put the full array up anyway?
    I mean, how often are they going to come check on your property, honestly? What they don't know won't hurt them.

  30. nowtleft2 says:

    Appeal it and get your neighbours support James. Planners are weak and pathetic people who will bow to pressure and not want to spend money on court cases. Tell them they are stuck in the past and need to wake up and support efforts to reduce carbon emission rather than help to ruin the planet and the health of local people.

  31. What an artsy fartsy BS reason for denying your solar PV proposal. What are they going to do then about aircraft flying by locally and the nearest airport? How about those modern horseless carriages that are parked near the building? You should appeal their decision.

  32. A Clam says:

    Always said that if I came back to the UK and wanted to buy a place, the words "grade" and "listed" would knock out any properties so described ….. Looks like "not near any" would have to be added !!!
    Just learned that the Australian government has twigged to the fact that more EVs on the road will eat into their future revenue plans removing the 40c a litre tax on fuel, so, unusually for the government, they are actually looking to the future at ways to earn the same from EVs as oil powered vehicles …….. mileage charge ???
    As a country Australia is probably less suitable for EVs than most, getting away from the coast can mean that fossil fuel is harder to find and much more expensive and electricity charges are high to start with, so the take up of EVs is not great

  33. Tony P says:

    James, I thought you might be interested in the world's first full scale all solar train.

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