Solar chargers

I love gadgets and need to keep them charged when outdoors. Here are a couple of my {solar lights} chargers.


{solar lights} & Wind EBooks
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4 Comments on "Solar chargers"

  1. more to come like this.

  2. No not got any solar chargers but thinking i might buy 1. Only want 1 to charge ecig up while out lol.
    atb dave

  3. Mossy Bark says:

    The monkey charger looks a nice size for backpacking pity you say its not so good.
    I don't have any solar chargers I went for a manual winding charger instead as it works in any weather all I do is crank the handle round and round and round lol.

  4. I thought with modern solar technology cloud cover didn't matter too much. A downside to the UK unfortunately lol.

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