Solar Charger BERNET 24000mAh High Capacity Portable Power Bank With USB Fan and 3 USB Port External Battery Pack Phone Charger For iPhone iPad Android Samsung HTC Cellphones And More – Red

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About the LED light

1 Press the power button to turn on the LED light.

2 Three color(red blue and white)LED light display power status.It can automatic shutdown in nonworking state.

3 Charging: Flashing red light,the energy is about 0%-40%; 

Flashing blue light,the energy is about 40%-80%; 

Flashing white light,the energy is about 80%-100%.


White light is no longer flashing that means energy is full when charging.

(After the white light no longer flashing,we suggested continuing to charge 3-5 hours at the first 5 times charging to the mobile power supply for better use experience.)



Battery Capacity:24000mAh



{solar lights}:5V/200mAh 1W

Packaging list

1*BERNET 24000mAh {solar lights} bank

1*USB Charging Cable 

1*Mini USB Fan

1*Instruction Manual


1The {solar lights}  is meant tobe used in emergency and extend the battery life due to its small capacity.

2The {solar lights} battery charger is 90% efficiency,accounting for power lost through circui heat and vlotage conversion,which is up to 10% above the industry average.Energy also lost within the USB cable and your devices .

3Please use your device’s original cable or a third-party certified one.

High 3 USB Charging Output&2 Charging Input:The {solar lights} Bank can charge three devices at once which offer 2.4A high speed charging.2 Charging Input is suitable for iPhone iPad Android Cellphones.The {solar lights} Bank Portable Charger is fully compatible with iOS and Android devices. You can take the External Backup Battery Pack to charge Samsung,iphone,ipad,Galaxy cell phone.
Streamline Eco-friendly Design:The {solar lights} Portable Charger is made of eco-friendly silicone rubber material with rubber paint surface process.The Portable Charger is very comfortable to use and easy to clean.
High Capacity:24000mAh Battery Charger provides large battery backup for usage during outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Ideal for use after dusk while outdoors. You can safely carry the {solar lights} Charger on the plane to use.
For Optimal Use: External battery charger with {solar lights} panel can recharge by {solar lights} or outlet. 24000mAh Battery Pack equipped with a compact {solar lights} panel, which could recharge emergency via outdoor. Please do not take {solar lights} as main power source as it mainly for topping off. It’s subject to sunlight intensity and panel conversion rate, which may take long time to charge.
100% Safe Charging:Over-current,overpower, over-voltage, over-discharge & short-circuit protection to ensure the safety of your device. Auto-stop when the phone is full charged. This helps protection against over-heating & over-charging situations.

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