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Solar Camping – Solar Electric – Solar Tent

Set up my tent with the {solar lights} “generator” so you can see how it all works together. I sewed some loops in one corner to keep the ceiling fan/light wire out of the …


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5 Comments on "Solar Camping – Solar Electric – Solar Tent"

  1. A light solar panel for backbacking would be great… to power a fan and charge a laptop? The battery for storage looks heavy. I am thinking something light for a 2 man tent which is actually for 1 man

  2. YuddaLevy says:

    i searched your channel for that fan… did you buy it or build ? any more info would be much appreciated.

  3. Is the battery box/power pack regulated for charging? That looks to be about a 60 watt panel and if you do not have a charge controller for the small battery in that unit you'll destroy that quickly.

    All large solar panels should have some sort of regulation for charging batteries and the solar charge controller should be specific for your battery(s). If not you'll damage them and shorten their life or there is a small possibility of way too much heat, melting and fire from certain types of batteries.  

  4. To bardzo pomysłowe rozwiązanie

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