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Solar and Wind production while powering my home and neighbors fridge and lights

Here is a video showing the input off the solar panels assisted by input from {solar lights} generator. I live in the city surrounded by very large trees so my set up had to be adjusted to get the most out of the set up I possibly could get. the second part of the video shows the power level of the battery bank after I returned home to a power outage and ran drop cords to my neighbors home to power there fridge and LED lamp while still running my home.


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7 Comments on "Solar and Wind production while powering my home and neighbors fridge and lights"

  1. SyberPrepper says:

    Great job helping your neighbor when your grid power went out.  I wonder if Missouri Wind and Solar has a data logger you could add to your wind system?  That way you could look at the statistics on wind speed, voltage, amps produced and be able to tell what happened when.

  2. Hey, thanks buddy! I did pick up a rpm set up to mount on the wind generator. I do not no is they have a data manager set up, my buddy on the off grid forum I am a member with would be able to find one.

  3. Jason Brown says:

    You are making some great wind power, you are running a 24 volt setup and getting about the same amps as I do running a 12 volt turbine ,, my turbine I use on my camper trailer is about 35 foot in the air and a farther away from trees too ,, I should get a Freedom II then I could be making 2x the power in the same location

  4. Hey, Howdy Jason. man, that was some great wind the past two days. still going to be windy tomorrow but around 17mph, so I might get a little power. I like the 5 blade 80inch set up. only thing you will have to do is extend the wing mount out from the center of the pole so it attaches to the wing at 48inches and make the wing 570 sq inches. cause the blades will turn out of the wind and go parallel to the wind with the smaller tail. that was a easy fix, I still have to extend it out, ill use some aluminum 2×2 channel metal and bolt everything together later on. wish I would of had that last mod do for these winds, it would of kicked butt!

  5. those 80" blades work very well. mwands has the 52" for $60, but I think it would not be worth the money. nice to see your system is working.'

  6. Tel H says:

    Hi SD, been watching your video's for a few months, been very interesting, Been having some strong winds in the UK, I don't know if you know of these 2 weather sites I use for weather monitoring, do a lot of traveling between Uk and Spain and these 2 can be of help crossing the Pyrenees, and also when to get that fixed wind generator blades tethered! and a US based weather info site both of these are world wide

  7. Hi Tel H, I checked out those weather sites before along with some local stations and the little weather station I installed is fairly close to all there readings.  put them all together and it makes for some decent prediction of weather heading my way. I still have to pick up the wires for running the power from the vawt into the shed, that will follow soon. I also have a propane back up generator I have to finish setting up. with all this nasty weather its good to be prepared.

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