Solar And Wind Power Update Power Bill For August 2014 WOO HOO $$$$ By KVUSMC | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

Solar And Wind Power Update Power Bill For August 2014 WOO HOO $$$$ By KVUSMC

This Is A Video Of My {solar lights} System At Night In My {solar lights} And Wind Shed / Shop ! ! I Now Have 2,690 Watts Of {solar lights} Or 2.70 Kw ! Ice Storms On The Way Be Ready Be Prepared ! This Is A Video Of My New Project I Need More Power Especially For The Winter I Found More Room On My {solar lights} And Wind Shop So Guess What I’m Adding A Complete New System Of 2- 120 Watt @ 12 Volt {solar lights} In Series To Make 24 Volts Plus A MidNite {solar lights} KID 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller And An Adjustable Racking System Built Bye Me ! Be Ready For Power Outages And Saving Money On Your Electric Bill !!! You can Find Me On Facebook , Skype , And Google + Many Thanks Please Subscribe Kenneth W Viar Jr or KVUSMC


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28 Comments on "Solar And Wind Power Update Power Bill For August 2014 WOO HOO $$$$ By KVUSMC"

  1. If ever there was a reason to go solar and wind that's it, my power bill was around $300 last month.

  2. AdamEater says:

    Would there be any issues with the roof panels in an area with lots of snow?  I had 3-6 ft of snow on my roof last winter, it seems like this would hinder my ability to roof mount them. 

  3. Mark McMahon says:

    another good video you should have them pay you

  4. ejemm says:

    Way to Go Kenny!

  5. Fraser Mac says:

    Great job as usual! Will be cool when they owe you money!

  6. hi why not bigger watts per panel so you use less panels

  7. great video. Most of your bill is tax

  8. 8 bucks for your electric bill Wow that is awesome!

  9. DJMovit says:

    I see from Oct last year till June of this year you had some "High" usage. LOL not compared to me 🙁
    Was that time frame weather related or were you adding more solar panels to your system over that time frame. I see you used 1KW more this August than in 2013…shame on you LOL
    All kidding aside very impressive Kenny

  10. August is your best month

  11. if its going to take up the same amount of space why not go with the bigger one less wire 

  12. Chad Ryan says:

    Great video! All that hard work is paying off!!! I need to buy some acreage so I can have room to have my barn and power shop!!  Trying to cram it all into a small garage is tough!!! LOL!!!!

  13. what is you total kw in panels do you have. you sure have a nice system I cant wait until my bill reads like that LOL. 

  14. Nice!! Viar power at it finest…

  15. LiPe VoLcOm says:

    Yeah almost there ! This time of year you pretty much get very closer to zero watts ! Hope you can show us a zero kw next month ! God Bless 

  16. Kevin Burns says:

    Thats great. Do you have a big freezer and elect stove? Thanks kb

  17. ThacMan says:

    I would just sit in my power control room all day and laugh like an evil genius. If I could have back all the money spent over the last ten years on stupid crap I could probably be doing something similar Kenny. You have inspired me! I am gonna start buying 1 or 2 panels a month.

  18. Hey Kenny, where the wires from your panels go into the building through the roof? Those are called weatherheads. Just thought you would like to know. I did a bit of electrical work when I was a young man. That was one of the few things I remembered. 😀 

    Man,  since putting on the new roof, the new mounts for the arrays are lookin' great. Better than ever. You got all your stuff lookin' great, man. 

  19. Are you registered with your electric company to get credited back or did you just not tell them that your using panels? Is there any risk involved in that cause I never told me electric company either should I be worried?

  20. Patrick Fox says:

    I'm also in that start small and expand mindset. The stuff in shop, could that have been more concentrated or is it cheaper to continue to build up in small increments. Engir775 was showing a controller that handles up to 16 or so panels.

  21. Once again a great video! Your system is truly inspirational!  
    Have you ever had any complaints from the neighbors about your solar panels or wind turbines? It seems that some people have something against renewable energy. 

  22. David R says:

    Any chance you could itemize some or any of the costs?

  23. j johns says:

     Thanks for the explanation of how heat impacts the system?  What did you have to do with the electric company to get this setup legally? Are they helpful or are they a pain? Are you feeding back into the grid? 
    so what did your system cost?
    Where did you learn to do this or did you pay to have someone install it? I want to do exactly what you're doing. I love the idea of making my own electric. Is it better to buy large wattage panel or a bunch of lower watt. I have been thinking about starting out with 4 250 watt panels, instead of 10 100watts. would you buy the 250 instead? why?

    really nice, I'm hoping to be you some day?

  24. WOW! what a huge solar panels! can I have one of those? nah…just kidding. I just subscribe your channel coz I enjoy watching renewable energy.

  25. Nice video. I am in the learning stage of solar.

    what was your power bill running before solar and what is your cost for the system?
    I am thing about doing a off grid type system and running new outlets for what i want to power by solar and keeping the appliances on grid power.

    Is there a way to do on grid system that can be switched over to off grid  when power goes out?

  26. Alan Marine says:

    Outstanding ! This is the stuff I have been trying to encourage around my area for many years ! That is fantastic proof it is all worth the effort. Hope you can stop into our new "Off-Grid Power and Living" forum to assist others with your experience ! 

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