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Solar And Wind Power Production At The End Of The Day By VIARLOCITY

This Is A Video About {solar lights} Power Production At The End Of The Day By VIARLOCITY In Winter The Month Of January I hope You Ya’ll Enjoy The Video Kenny


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25 Comments on "Solar And Wind Power Production At The End Of The Day By VIARLOCITY"

  1. I Already Have Buddy It Is in One Of My Earlier Video's

    My Solar And Wind 24 Volt Battery Bank Diagram By VIARLOCITY

  2. Victor B says:

    Hey Kenny is it possible to put up a wiring diagram of your battery bank.thank you

  3. Ken Baca says:

    Nice video buddy…

  4. They Sure Do Through My 500 Amp Shunt Going To My Battery Bank In My Midnite Solar DC Disconnect Box Both are On seperate Circuits Though

  5. Just watched this again to see how the 80s were hooked up. cant really see. Do they both go to the same battery bank ?

  6. They Can Handle 80 Amps & up To To 150 Volts Yes John They can Handle What You Got Brother And You can Grow Your System Brother

  7. WORRO01 says:

    Kenny, whats the max watts those outbacks can handle, and is there a minimum amount to operate. I have these two harbor freight sets, and was wondering if I could use this outback to connect it all to, and grow my system as I can, be it another harbor freight array or stepping up to larger panels. Just curious man. Good video, God bless!~~John

  8. Hi Ricky I Get Most Of My OutBack Equipment From Alt E Store I have Priced Everywhere ! Yes That Is Very True Ricky I like To Use Fine Stranded Cable For My Solar And Wind Buddy Yes Stranded Is Alot Better Buddy Write Me Anytime Brother

  9. ricky gentle says:

    Where do you buy most of your outback stuff & other items you have so we can compare prices on this equipment. I also have been told not to use solid wire on anything solar or wind components is this true? any feedback welcome

  10. SemperFi OORAH Prancinglion1 LOL

  11. Thats A Great Idea Scott Thanks Brother

  12. OORAH Thanks John Not Bad For January

  13. jwright650 says:

    always good to see your system making power Kenny…good video.

  14. 1. Do 50 Push-ups
    2. Clean your shop

    Thanks for the demonstration. Nice system

  15. shartne says:

    If the batteries get warm you could drill a hole or two in the box with a hole saw drill bit. Then you could install a computer fan in the hole. It could blow air in one side and out the other side hole. You could hook the positive and neg wires to a battery. then put a switch in the lead. You could turn it on and off as you needed to.

  16. shartne says:

    Where is the best place to get those Universal 90 amp hour Absorbed Glass Matte batteries at? I would like to have a dozen of those. What is the expected life for them?

  17. Your Exactly Right dapappacn But I would Have To Triple The amount Of AGM Batteries Which Is Very Costly Probably In Other words 18 Batteries at 90 amp Hours each That would Be $ 240.00 each or $ 4,320.00 worth Of Batteries Your Exactly Right I Just Crank Up My Honda EU 2000 i at Night For about 8 to 10 Hours If Needed It Burn Little Amounts Of Gas My Main Goal Is to Keep The Fridge In House a few Lights and TV at Night Running and Deep Freezers Going Thanks For The Input buddy

  18. Hi Scott Mainly I'm Just Keeping The Batteries Maintained at Night The OutBack The Inverter does all Of That For You It Keeps Them Up To Par It Is A Nice Inverter The all In One

  19. Your Welcome ro prepper God Bless

  20. ro prepper says:

    Great video bro. thank you for the post, God Bless

  21. shartne says:

    Looks like a real nice solar system. Are you running your house off the batteries at night?

  22. dapappacn says:

    If the grid shuts down and you have no wind or solar for a day, that little bank will not be able to run the shed, let alone the house. Just saying.

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