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Solar and Wind Power Harvesting On A Cold January Day By VIARLOCITY

This Is A Video Of My System Harvesting Power From The Sun And Wind On a Cold January Day ! My System Has 2,170 Watts Of {solar lights} and 1,400 watts Of {solar lights} Thanks For Watching Kenny I have OutBack Power System Components and Kyocera {solar lights} and WindMax {solar lights} Thanks Again For Watching Please Subscribe Kenny


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17 Comments on "Solar and Wind Power Harvesting On A Cold January Day By VIARLOCITY"

  1. Hi Buddy My System Is 24 Volt I did Have 12 Volt System But The Bigger Voltage You Go Like 24 Or 48 The Smaller Cable You Can Use I have Close 30 K In My System Since 2009 Buddy A Learning Experience

  2. Money Is Everywhere LOL Ebay Is a Great Place To Find Wind Turbines

  3. shartne says:

    I will. I need to find some money somehow LOL?

  4. I love My Turbines Get Two Of Them Buddy

  5. Oh Man John You Aint Kidding Woo My Meter started Spinning This Morning at 4:30 AM Then when The Sun Pooped Out will Until My System Started Making Good Power My Meter Went to a Halt Oh Yeah Man

  6. Yes Sir John They Should Work There Is no such Thing as A Goofy Question The Only Goofy Question There Is ! Is One That Is Not Asked Brother SemperFi

  7. WORRO01 says:

    Never knew solar did better in cold than hot,, thats wild man!
    Good profile picture Brother!

    Hey, would those panels run with my HB panels? I know I ask goofy questions but IM one lost duck!

  8. jwright650 says:

    Chilly this morning Kenny…whew

  9. shartne says:

    We had 15 to 20 mile an hour winds today all afternoon. We started out about 10 mile an hour at ten o clock this morning. Later on we had gusts up to 25 mile an hour. He had some good wind most of the day. I wish I had a generator. yeah we had some pretty steady winds all day.

  10. Yes Sir Your right about That Buddy

  11. LOL Me To shartne When we Get some good wind I will make a Video Scott

  12. I can Imagine dogfan4lyfe That Is cold Gal

  13. The Wind Turbines Are No Louder Than The Wind Blowing Through The Trees They are Really Quiet

  14. Are you wind turbines noisy? It's hard to tell from the videos.

  15. 15 degrees is nothing. In Minnesota, it was below zero. With wind chill factor, it was so cold you couldn't bear it.

  16. shartne says:

    Show us what it looks like when the wind picks up to 20 mph I would like to see that.

  17. shartne says:

    Looks you need 20 mph winds or better to get some good wattage out of the wind gens. Solar is good during day but a guy needs some wind at nite

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