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SNAN 21W Solar Charger Portable and Foldable Solar Panel with Stand


SNAN 21W {solar lights} Charger Portable and Foldable {solar lights} with Stand, {solar lights} Battery Charger with 2 USB Ports for Your Device Outdoor

Review Title: Even a slow charge beats NO CHARGE.

I see this being useful for an emergency or maybe when charging in any resemblance of a hurry exists.

Could work for camping or if you are needing a way to charge the phone and could leave it in the car perhaps for several hours to get a little more charge.

It won’t charge quickly although the ports are 5V-2A, this is on both of the two ports offered.

This feels durable, is slim and easy to carry and has a little heft, feels of good quality.

I tried to use it during a time when the sun generally offers the best output (I believe) as it was near 1PM and a little after 2PM when I returned to check and film the results.

I like it but I certainly do not love it…or perhaps I expected a bit more than I should. Really didn’t know what to expect but I suppose I thought it’d be a bit quicker charging a single device.

Review sample provided free or at a discounted price for a fair, unbiased, and honest review.


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