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Small Wind Turbine

http://www.WINDENERGY7.COM – – – – Your source for affordable small {solar lights} and small {solar lights}hardware systems, controllers, supplies. Inventor of the RoofMill™ home {solar lights}kit, small {solar lights} are our main expertise. WindEnergy7 has more options for small {solar lights} because of our many innovations with inventions and patents making small {solar lights} possible. We are not an importer, we are a manufacturer featuring durable american steel manufactured in Ohio USA. With an installed base from California to New Jersey, Europe, and canada, our all weather systems are ready for your environment.!/windenergy7

RoofMill™ small {solar lights}is the popular choice for homes and businesses in the United States due to outstanding reliability, efficiency, and ease of deployment. In an urban environment, the RoofMill™ is out of the way and leverages it’s easy installation as a way to get through permitting. Our RoofMill is not a construction project, requires NO CONCRETE, walls, trenches, cranes, thus is the popular choice for urban or residential wind and {solar lights} installation. Our patented design makes it possible to deploy {solar lights} in an easy effective way for anyone.

TowerMill™ is our tower based small wind {solar lights} product. TowerMill™ is a good choice for farm, ranch, or residences with an acre or more. Our HO TowerMill product has a low wind startup speed that is the envy of competitors. TowerMill™ features all the great advancements from our RoofMill™ line and also offers larger output capability.

Our products feature redundancy with less single points of failure and complete energy security. By being Grid-Tie and Off-Grid capable, our systems a ALL feature 4 sources of redundant power available, wind, {solar lights}, battery bank, and grid power. Customers deploying our multi-{solar lights} systems, and mini wind farms, have ultimate energy security for their business or residence.

Our 2 moving part systems feature the elegant design that will last. Where competitors have many, many parts prone to failure, our systems feature ElectroBrake™ speed limitation method and tried and true HardTail™ directional technology. {solar lights} us today to find out how we can provide a world-class system for your specific needs. We specialize in complete system design and installation, and don’t sell you a loose bunch of stuff WindEnergy7 LLC is your single source for harvesting energy from wind and {solar lights}.

Let WindEnergy7 Power Your Home, Farm, or Business. For more information about and videos showing installation and operation of systems visit:

We have trained customers, dealers, and installers in about 40 states of the US from Hawaii to New York. Let WindEnergy7 Power Your Home, Farm, or Business. For more information about and videos showing installation and operation of systems visit:

Let WindEnergy7 help you to lower your electric bills for your Home, Farm, or Business. For more information about and videos showing installation and operation of systems visit:


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  1. i have faith in you man

  2. Hung Trang says:

    you deserve a lot more subscribers!

  3. Jiue Kiu says:

    i loved the soundtrack

  4. what song did you use

  5. i thumbs up this video

  6. Meo ra Meo says:

    .Hey i just want to say that i love your videos. i sub to .you, i comment, i view all your videos and all, tha.nk you. …

  7. I had no idea you had this roof mounted wind turbine invention several years ago.  This is a video of 4 years ago and you had it all figured out then.  Genius.

  8. meo ta meo says:

    hope more video :D

  9. Meo ta Meo says:

    dm vlcc this amazing

  10. Meo ta Meo says:

    awesome video

  11. meo ta meo says:

    Nice vid! 😀 Halo Reach is awesome :)

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    its a great place to read our tweets for a second time

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    lol thats crazy stuff

  14. meo ta Meo says:

    Sweet video bro

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  16. meo ta Meo says:

    Finally we have regained control of posting?

  17. marquezca1 says:

    Anyone ever complain about the view?  I wouldn't mind, but I'm sure you'd have someone unhappy about it.  Ever run into city ordinance issues or anything like that?

  18. Realistically, how much money you would save, if now you would be paying per month say $350 for electric bill? and do you need like huge batteries in your house to supply it? how much does it cost to install the 3 of them and the batteries? 

  19. Genial , esto soluciona un gran problema

  20. good job
    but please someone tell me how can i found it, really i from Africa exactly in Somalia and i need it so much…thanks 

  21. This invention changes the way homeowners get their electricity from now on.

  22. jo black says:

    I love those

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