Small wind power turbine generator for home SMART WIND 750 W Darrieus Savonius mill VAWT

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Voltage: DC 36Vmax (12/24V battery systems) Peack Power 500W / 750W / 1KW Rated Power: 300W / 500W / 750W Dimension: 1300cm x 80cm x 85cm Weight: 14Kg Start-up wind: 500W: 1,2 m/sec (6 blades); 2,4 m/sec (3 blades) 750W: 1,4 m/sec (6 blades); 2,8 m/sec (3 blades) 1KW : 1,6 m/sec (6 blades); 3,2 m/sec (3 blades) Noise: < 40 dB Color: Yellow/Orange N. blades: 3 (standard) / 6 (option +3) Warrenty: 2 Years Characteristic: Axe vertical Drive: GearedCATCH {solar lights} 360°!! It works 24 hours a day, summer and winter to provide you FREE energy all year! No risk! You can try it and if you don't like it you can return it! Can be installed in the house in minutes without any permission

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