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Small Solar Power System Off Grid Appliances and Gadgets

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This is a 2016 overview of my small 400 watt off grid system and the appliances and gadgets I use and recommend. More info: …


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39 Comments on "Small Solar Power System Off Grid Appliances and Gadgets"

  1. Daniel Morse says:

    Rock on man. I wish you made more vids.

  2. E&C Rabbitry says:

    Going off grid, you are a big deal to me, I'm learning so much from you. Iim starting off by converting my camper off grid then when I get comfortable, I'm converting my home next. I have a Mobile Home so it shouldn't take much. Check out my new channel and see what I'm working on.

  3. awesome video.. they are vary helpful. I will possibly be building this summer, ur an inspiration buddy.

  4. You don't know how much I envy you…..wife….sigh

  5. Nimo Bahamas says:

    I like the led light you haave next to the laptop
    I have a bunch of them and they work well
    I use a 45 w system from harbor fright
    and 3 1000 amp deep agm marine veca batts it dose the trick when the grid is down

  6. Nimo Bahamas says:

    Love your vids and the info Keep up the good stuff

  7. Great info. Thanks for your video and your clarity. Very instructive.

  8. Jay Hughart says:

    you can use a DC buck converter to charge your laptop direct from DC there cheap on Ebay I run a 32" TV at 18V dc off a 12V bank works great.

  9. Ebola Chan says:

    going to get two 300w 12v poly panels wired in series, which will give me 600w at 24v/25a and can run it with a 30a mppt charge controller running to a 12v 270ah battery for my first system that I am going to be setting up to run the temporary inbuilt cabin on one side of my 20x20ft standalone garage on the block of land I purchased in Tasmania until I can afford to build a house.
    pretty much just for a pump, lighting and running a PC + modem, small fridge and hopefully a washing machine on sunny days if I turn everything else off.
    eventually I plan on quadrupling the system and running all of the above pretty much at will and also a dryer and television.
    going to be running an eccotemp for the shower and a butane stove for cooking.
    I will seek out that rangehood, its exactly what I was looking for

  10. Lisa Rae says:

    Excellent thank you

  11. skamravec says:

    I don' have a homestead but I live in the suburb where I can have my shed, a rain barrel, vegetable garden, etc. If you go further out where they build those fancy houses, you can't even have a swing set for kids because of city ordinance. I would never want to live there.
    And I made a small solar panel system and currently I'm powering up my 12V landscape lights around my house. I can't wait till the grid goes down in my neighborhood. I would expect neighbors knocking on my door with a question like…what the hell. :)lol

  12. hey man this is such a great video. I'm looking at a 200 watt renogy kit to start out with for my mobile home. thank you for the tips and tricks. love your cabin and set up. big thumbs up.

  13. MACLADILLY says:

    great video – packed with clear v useful info ! have converted a van to a camper with 12v split charge + solar panel…first steps to true off grid living… 🙂

  14. Tash wilkins says:

    You truly a wonderful person. you share so much great information. Thank you!!!

  15. Ninja 87 says:

    The problem is finding land to homestead on. =(

  16. this is awesome.. great job for this video..

  17. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes.

  18. rho lees says:

    Great that you are sharing all the things you've learned along your journey to make it easier for other folks. It's a bit rustic, but you gotta start somewhere and this at least is a clear starting point. Much appreciated.

  19. Damon Bell says:

    Very practical and usable information. Thanks.


  21. Bkeytx says:

    Thanks for the advice, I just bought a small cabin that will be off grid, have the batteries and solar panels

  22. ftnwo y says:

    could u do general breakdown of prices ,, panel , batteries etc. thanx. im a big fan

  23. Peter Pablo says:

    This is wonderful, with just this small system it can power mostly all of the important appliances at home.. hmm I better I start building mine..

  24. bezaleel3399 says:

    Agreed, I tried it again and it worked, Thanks!

  25. bezaleel3399 says:

    I tried your but it appears to be off line? Have another site to share?

  26. hawk bailey says:

    I bought your $10 package of DIY Projects Lamar, I found it a excellent package of well detailed projects, I highly recommend to other channel members that if you haven't bought it for yourself you should… I am not shilling for Lamar, and getting no benefits for this is recommendation…

  27. Nikitia M says:

    I am starting to use solar now, I want to go with a system like yours thank you for the amp dicussion thats the confusing part for me. Love the house, thanks for the videos you have so much information Dude Iam learning so much.

  28. U just said the fridge is running ac, seconds later u said its dc because its easier?

  29. Gary Howe says:

    Thanks for the info. Especially the appliances that you use. Very helpful.

  30. Ralph Davis says:

    soon nice to see someone finally using solar and telling the truth.a combination thats very hard to find on youtube. it can be done people. stop listening to people that tell you it imposible unless your rich. they are lying to sell you stuff you simpley do not need. thank you for the TRUTH.

  31. Great video!  Thanks for sharing some really good ideas…

  32. Happy to see more videos. I have a system w/ the same panels-they are awesome, but I have only 200 watts for the near future. I too use the macbook for my entertainment system. I live where there is good sun so I get by.

  33. Joshua Kiser says:

    fyi: you can get the windmill performing a lot better than it is. It always costs money but a taller tower will help a LOT. Your windmill is just barely high enough to generate power. Closer to the ground the wind is more turbulent and slower. You would be surprised how fast the wind is higher up. 30 feet i considered the minimum for a windmill to operate well enough. Some practical issues come as you go higher. For small windmills like that, the cost and effort of a 100 foot tower would not be worth it but 50 or 60 may. Higher towers also last longer because the turbulence is lower, its easier on the bearings. That post is a good base though, strong and level and level is the most important part for long life.

    The biggest issue with cheap modified inverters is you cant have them in a house wire situation. back feeding or using the ground at all causes them to pop. A pure sine can but the cost goes up. Another issue is longevity. They are not designed for 24/7. Hell even the transformer based heavy duty pure sine units will last longer if you shut it off at night.
    Stuff wears out. I made my system for maximum long term. Don't get me wrong. Those cheapo harbor freight/ china inverters are super useful as spares or for small systems or cabins but they are not designed nor will they last for 24/7 or long term applications. The self draw on an inverter can make refrigeration a huge issues. You pretty much have to go DC, which is expensive but effecient and reliable. I am rewiring my system and house and i plan on going DC for everything i can and only use the inverter for stuff that doesnt exist on dc. You can get pure sine inverters kind of cheap now. Amazon has an inverter called the tiger claw 1500 watt inverter. Big enough to do most stuff but not to large where it draws to much power. good reviews. About 200. Lights can be had at 12-80 volts dc. Wide range LED bulbs, check 12 volt monster. Pumps, fans, lights and fridges. You can even get dvd and tvs but they cost a lot more and AC versions currently use less power.

  34. I see the wisdom in keeping a system at 12V.  If SHTF is a concern, it's a lot easier to find things that run off of 12V than 24.  Also, with 12V panels you can raise the voltage to 24V is you choose, for efficiency.  But its another matter altogether to lower a 24V Panel system to 12V.

  35. You're my electricity hero!

  36. Mary Cox says:

    good information thanks

  37. kymopar says:

    good info. thanks!..been ridin that scooter thats sitting next to your car? or do you have the time?

  38. ricerust says:

    how many batteries can u charge with your system? how much do u pay for internet?

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