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Small Solar and Wind Power Off-Grid System

This video is the first of the series of a homemade {solar lights} and wind projects for an off-grid family cabin, cottage or retreat.

Current system is composed of:
– two DIY 60 watt polycrystalline and the one DIY monocrystalline {solar lights}
– Morningstar Tri-star TS-60 and off shore MPPT charge contollers
– (4) 6 volt Exide gold cart style batteries wired for 12 volt
– Xtrantrex 1000 watt inverter
– 150 watt wind {solar lights} (DC)
– 30′ home made {solar lights} tower
– Bogart Tri-metric Meter
– 6500 watt back up generator

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3 Comments on "Small Solar and Wind Power Off-Grid System"

  1. West Coast Mountains, Canada

  2. lysol911 says:

    Very nice? What state is this?

  3. FixinThatUp says:

    Thats great stuff there! Keep em coming!

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