Silver Balloon Mini Cooker – ultra-light, ultra-portable, ultra-compact next generation solar oven for backpackers, RVers, boaters, campers. Pump, cooking pan, and weights are not included.

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{solar lights} Cooker for backpacking, camping, RVing, boating, and emergency preparedness
Ultralight (under 6 ozs.), ultra-portable, ultra-compact {solar lights} cooker for backpackers, outdoor recreation, and emergency preparedness.

Nothing to assemble. No glass or mirrors to break. No metal parts or screws to rust, bend, or break. No cardboard to bend or to protect from moisture. No plastic coating to ruin the taste of your food.

Temperatures up to 350F using only sunlight make this {solar lights} cooker ideal for eco-friendly cooking, for conserving fuel, and when fire is unsafe or impractical.

Cook or warm your meals, boil or pasteurize your drinking water in this efficient and durable {solar lights} oven with no carbon footprint!

The package includes the {solar lights} balloon cooker, an oven bag, a black cooking liner, and straws. You will need a pump, a cooking pan(black pan preferred), and weights to set it up for cooking and heating.

We offer Silver Balloon {solar lights} Cooker ($129.95), {solar lights} Balloon Energy Kit($73.85), and Silver Balloon Mini Cooker($39.95) for your convenience. Please visit for the comparison of these three {solar lights} balloon products.Ultralight (under 6 ounces!), ultra-compact, and ultra-portable for easy storage in backpack, camping gear, boat, RV, and emergency preparedness “bug-out bag”
Inflates from pocket-size to a 2′ x 2′ x 4′ {solar lights} oven capable of heats up to 350F without fire risk!
Solar oven uses the sun to cook or warm your meals, boil or pasteurize your drinking water to make it safer to drink
21st Century solar cooking solution constructed of durable Mylar funnels and concentrates sunlight internally. No risk of eye injuries from reflected or focused light like other solar cookers, so it’s safer around children
Pump and cooking pan are not included. Also need weight such as wet towels, wet cloth, books, backpack, or other heavy objects to hold it down.

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