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Shyne sings ‘Solar Energy’ song

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Comeback rapper performs at opening of Israel’s first solar field in Kibbutz Ketura.


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27 Comments on "Shyne sings ‘Solar Energy’ song"

  1. 12qm says:

    all i can say is WOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!

  2. Jonas Polsky says:

    I'm tefillin this.

  3. Lyrics tight and he got it all in his memory! They was feelin him…A real rapper can make you feel their gift no matter he subject or music!

  4. DW1014 says:

    He's not on that oldschool hard Po shit but I can respect the message he trying to give

  5. WACK! I could barely take a few seconds of this bs

  6. man he lost his fuckin mind in jail huh

  7. Somewhere 50 is laughin his ass off.

  8. "Never let jail turn my Shyne into Moses" – Pusha T on Kanye's "Looking for Trouble" also featuring Cyhi the Prynce, Big Sean and J. Cole.

  9. Dude this shit is sick; Fuck the haters, it's his life. If you're gonna hate because he's doing something positive, you're fucked up. If you wanna hear him be G, listen to his first 2 albums. If you give a fuck, really, you'll appreciate that this is what he wants to do with his life.

  10. Maverick says:

    I can understand what he's saying……. his voice changed so much..

  11. mpboss says:

    Damn man his voice is fucked ii just heard "bad boys" on mtv and he sound 100% different smh

  12. Someone PLEASE tell me my eyes are deceiving me! Homeboy needs to get back on his medications. Looking like a rabid weasel O_O.

  13. I got malcolm x in me…he trying to wake his people thru music…like bob marley

  14. Psuedah says:

    @TheKing0fHalo fifty is pathetic… theres allot more than record sales or money and if you dont see that it's sad

  15. David Hodges says:

    I was a huge fan of shyne but What the H-E-L-L is this. I cant support this I sorry Shyne but step your game up

  16. Here's the thing… if you're going to switch up your image, style and content (which is totally fine)… then at least make the music be good.

    This song is not too bad, and his flow is better on it than what it was on the 'thugged out' material he has been putting out since his release from prison.

    `but overall, it just isn't good enough Brother Shyne. If Kanye made a song about Solar Energy or any alternate subject matter, I bet it will still be dope.

  17. Shyne is the most interesting person in the world.

  18. @raunchmaninoff these is not shyne these is moses michiel levy i luv it man one of my best tracks now 

  19. @MrSuperflexxxxable great track! moses michiel levy is the most interesting person in the world! 

  20. these is one of my best songs now man u need to be very matual to understand what the moses michial leviy is teaching man i like this

  21. NY Giant says:

    long live Shyne!

  22. Seth Bailey says:

    What the fuck happened?

  23. Jay Moloney says:

    Prison turned Shyne into a weirdo!!!

  24. RB-AUTOWORKS says:

    Seriously shyne? Wtf happend to u

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