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SHTF Solar Lighting Solution

Just showing what I have to put my {solar lights} yard lights in….not just during an emergency. I use some of these now. Saves a little on the electric bill. This video was made by me using my Bell and Howell Camcorder and edited by me using windows movie maker.


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14 Comments on "SHTF Solar Lighting Solution"

  1. You are a good person. It is a blessing that all of those who are helping Countryman. I know he is happy to have the help. Wish I was there to help.

  2. BUDDY LIGHT says:

    I got some great deals at the flea market here this weekend:

  3. all good ppl. i love the mirrored backing on them light holders. top stuff

  4. That is a great find. The mirrors will increase the amount of light I always try to use mirrors with candles. But love the ideal of using solar light in them. Best wishes to you all.

  5. Great vid hun and prayers coming yalls way

  6. cool holders. the reason you want a mirror is 1 candle or light becomes 2.

  7. 1952Jeep says:

    Like the mirrored ones, 2 lights for the price of one! Great idea on using them with solar lights!

  8. sha whit says:

    Love the solar light idea. Can you do a video on the solar lights in them? I would love to see that..Thanks

  9. Woodsygirl62 says:

    The lamp oil may run out, the candles, and stuff to make candles may run out, but solar never will. According to what Phil said just awhile ago, you'd be there around 11, he's counting mins now. LOL See ya when ya get home.

  10. it's good to hear you have plenty of help, hope everything goes off without a hitch and you all find some fun along the way 🙂 

  11. we have found some oil lams like that we just need to get globe for them they where broke

  12. Bless the hearts of all those involved

  13. Randy J says:

    on sailing ships.  fire was an item they controlled like a wild dangerous animal because there was always things like whale oil or gunpowder around.  So to light the spaces below decks they used big blocks of glass set into the deck to let sunlight.  Trivia 

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