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Search for the Super Battery (New Documentary)

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We live in an age when technological indocumentarytion seems to be limitlessly soaring. But for all the satisfying speed with which our gadgets have improved, …


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42 Comments on "Search for the Super Battery (New Documentary)"

  1. G6YPK says:

    58 seconds in and I'm being spoken to as though I'm a 3 year old child.

  2. where did he get all the wires from that Connect the batteries ? =P

  3. Vladimir Bar says:

    What is "indocumentarytion "?
    Google does not know…

  4. Dark Angel says:

    Samsung should buy it

  5. Ken Wimer says:

    Not a word about graphene, or hemp batteries, that store more, and are biodegradable. This idiot should love that part, since he thinks carbon dioxide is a pollutant instead of necessary for all life on earth, especially green life.

  6. Alex P. says:

    Add something like a nozzle and such and you have a pressure activated lithium-ion rocket

  7. The single weakest link in solar energy and other renewable power handling systems is the battery. They currently have very low power densities, and low power transfer. The single most demanding users of batteries is the US Navy.

  8. Edward Yebra says:

    flip phones had way longer charge… what happened to those??… they last 3 day or more… just saying..

  9. Listen up 'climate denier skanks!'
    Production company(s)‎: ‎A NOVA production by … Original network‎: ‎PBS
    Narrated by‎: ‎Jay O. Sanders Original release‎: ‎February 1, 2017

  10. Nicholas C. says:

    i freaking love this doc, why is everyone complaining

  11. Nicholas C. says:

    32:5333:34 that gave me an orgasm

  12. Anamnesia says:

    I think it was Elon Musk who once said, "We'd have plenty of energy for electric cars, if we didn't waste it in the production of Gasoline…"

  13. wayne harris says:

    batteries suck what we need are miniature power generators. one on its own or multiple units in line with long generating lifespans.

  14. The electric car is being developed in China using a graphene battery.Also in development are grapheme super capacitors,graphene anodes and electros.Warren Buffet has invested 400 million dollars in a company call BYD that makes batteris,electric cars and buses. The future vehicles will used hydrogen gas derived from Helium -3 nuclear reactor.China is going to the far side of the moon to harvest Helium-3

  15. Toti Fanara says:

    Old documentary but contemporary issue. Might want to also keep an eye on the sodium-glass battery that John Goodenough the now 94 years old co-inventor of the Lithium-ions battery announced to be in the making and possibly come to fruition within our lifetime in a matter of years rather than decades. and the new solid lithium battery (which won't explode, though same capacity as today's Li-ion batteries).

  16. BERTIL SCALI says:

    Interesting, enlightening, and a sure triggering device to rightwing snowflakes ; -)…

  17. BERTIL SCALI says:

    It is fascinating how groupthink, or call it the tribal reflex, makes Republican, Trumpies etc. hate this video. If Trump told them the sky is yellow not blue, they'd tear apart any movie with blue skies, and they'd sell (or buy) special "Truth spectacles", revealing the sky's true color : yellow.

  18. Dejay Rezme says:

    Excellent documentary! Thanks for sharing!

  19. They have had a pumped hydro in Wales since 1974. It was specifically designed to be a black start unit in the event of a total grid failure. Will such expensive projects will continue to be carried out under privatisation. It seems that there is another such project in the making, so maybe!

  20. The answer to the range problem in USA particularly would be a standardised battery that can be stored and charged at roadside fuel stations. Drive in, slide out the dead battery, slide the charged item in and off you go. You pay just for the charging and a proportion of the write off cost, as your battery is a rental rather like the butane gas cylinders you have on your camper or off grid housing.

    The batteries will have a standard life and the cost of replacing batteries will be built into the cost of swap out. The fuel station owner will have to remove batteries of a certain age and replace them with new items which will be collected by the battery reprocessing company.

    This is a business model that will be perfectly adaptable to the extant logistical infrastructures currently owned by the major fuel producers.

  21. people invent good things and the government kills them before they show it to the public😒 the fuck!

  22. Paul Barker says:

    The solid state lithium battery is cool. but for grid storage, forget the battery. Use excess energy whenever it's produced for electrolysis of water. Store the hydrogen and oxygen together (brown's gas) or separately, then burn it on demand. Obviously the only exhaust is pure water; no carbon.

  23. Violetspider says:

    is't still beyond me why nobody makes solar panels on phones or cars

  24. yo mamma says:

    Nickel hydrogen battery that nasa uses is powerful then lithium and lead acid batteries

  25. yo mamma says:

    Actually you really didnt have to connect them in series like that from + to- + to- that will just increase the volt for that phone to charge you need 4v but you can increase amps by bridging them once you get to 6v and then connect them in this form + to+ – to – that will increase current amp

  26. yo mamma says:

    Hey my twin brother

  27. al steg says:

    The host gave me cancer

  28. Adam Putz says:

    The electricity comes from a coal plant that burns 🔥 ~4000 tons of coal a day

  29. Kutsy says:

    Whats the big deal? why cant they just store electrical energy in form of a hydrogen?

  30. DronZizzle says:

    electric cars are so stupid. If you have to plug the car in to charge it then its just being charged by a coal plant most likely

  31. So much crap on YouTube big effort to sort the good stuff no NOT INTERESTED in alien probing, mysterious brain dead click bait etc.

  32. Metra RI says:

    Always use eye protection! 2:20

  33. Some Guy says:

    'As these youtube videos show what happens when you poke into a lithium ion battery' They then show Youtubers poking into Lithium Polymer batteries instead…

  34. jacobhn2 says:

    positive and negative comments make energy (debate) and can be hot

  35. Karlos M says:

    Climate change is going to kill us all!!!!!!!!!

  36. WOW!! Henry fords initial idea was to use hemp oil instead of gasoil……this is total BS

  37. A battery can NEVER put out more than is put in and average loss rate is 60%. . There is NO SUCH THING as a super battery under normal conditions. Our power is COAL. Lithium is MINED with HUGE DIESEL TRACTORS spewing BLACK SOOT. China opens a NEW COAL PLANT EVERY DAY.Battery powered vehicles is a SCAM and OBAMA is making billions with CARBON CREDITS of the scams he put into law supported by IDIOT COLLEGE STUDENTS that cannot find their assholes with a wad of TOILET PAPER.

  38. Oh my god how fucking annoying is this guy….

  39. Ubon94 says:

    pump hydro is the best way.. that's my idea!

  40. make phones with solar panels with batteries too for backups.

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