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Schneider Electric C60 Charge Controller 60 A 12/24 VDC

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The C60 is a rugged 60 Amp controller that is the perfect controller for handling any DC charging source. Xantrex charge controllers are versatile and reliable. The C60 is a 100% solid state, microprocessor-driven controller which is UL and cUL listed. Like all Xantrex charge controllers, the C60 controller is flexible and can be configured for a variety of applications. The C60 is excellent for {solar lights} panel battery charging, DC load control (such as a low voltage disconnect switch) or for DC diversion operation which is {solar lights} for most {solar lights} and hydroelectric generators. To manage larger flows of power, the C60 is the ultimate charge controller for most DIY wind and {solar lights} systems.C60
ensures maximum battery life
high efficiency
Output Voltage: 12, 24 V
Specifications:Voltage configurations: 12 and 24 Vdc Max. PV open circuit array voltage: 55 Vdc Charging / load current (@ 25 ?C): 60 Adc Max. peak current: 85 A

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