SAWYER FREDERICKS – “Broken Home” (Live at JITVHQ in Los Angeles, CA 2017) #JAMINTHEVAN | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

SAWYER FREDERICKS – “Broken Home” (Live at JITVHQ in Los Angeles, CA 2017) #JAMINTHEVAN

Sawyer Fredericks – “Hide Your Ghost” Live at JITV HQ in Los Angeles, CA 2017. Skip to Music 00:20 Subscribe to Jam in the Van! …


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30 Comments on "SAWYER FREDERICKS – “Broken Home” (Live at JITVHQ in Los Angeles, CA 2017) #JAMINTHEVAN"

  1. I wish he and Grace Vanderwall would write and sing a song- two unique songwriters with such unique voices would be incredible go listen to her concert at Austin City Limits Festival Oct. 7 or 14th.

  2. Tarik ASAADI says:

    9x9x9x9x… infiniment 9 big up:) very nice belle performance ce gar癟on

  3. maiaja4 says:

    Absolutely awesome, gold star TALENT you are SAWYER, wow!!!!!

  4. golden454 says:

    I wish he would sing a Tom Petty song , it would complete my life .

  5. I have listened to this song countless times, and i couldn't remember the number of times that I've cried. Sawyer is a wonderful singer-story teller. He brings so much emotion to this song.

  6. His eyes!!! 中中中中中中中中中中中

  7. Bloodyy_Mari says:

    Why am I barely finding out about this guy!!! That voice, them lyrics!

  8. E M says:

    I sent this song to my dad when he asked why none of us kids will talk to him. It actually got through to him, to my amazement. He left me a voicemail for the first time in almost a decade.

  9. castleda64 says:

    Your always welcome to rest your feet here, just outside Superior and Ashland Wisconsin

  10. Lisa Sironen says:

    Love the VAN!!! Boy's that was special. Sawyer, what an amazing tribute to all that know this story too well. Your the best <3

  11. Brilliantly recorded! The reverb on the drums is lovely 鳶

  12. Frank Norris says:

    He deserves good recording like this.

  13. Fran Scher says:

    Sawyer is an amazing young songwriter and singer. This song touches on a difficult topic–an abusive father, unlike his own upbringing, which makes it even more impressive, He has a deep well somewhere that he draws on for meaningful lyrics. I'm looking forward to seeing his continued artistic growth as he moves along in life. What will he write next?! If you have an opportunity to see him live, do it! His website is

  14. The lyrics, his voice, those harmonies, that smolder, those eyes…how old is he now anyway?!

  15. Such great passion for music…

  16. mummylips says:

    Sammy Brue's twin,lol


  18. Nola Skipper says:

    It looks and sounds awesome on my smart TV! WOW! Amazing! Beautiful!

  19. Nola Skipper says:

    Thank you for showing Sawyer&band perform! This is awesome! He is so talented and this just proves it all the more Jam in the van!潃儭潃儭潃儭潃儭潃儭

  20. morajessi says:

    His songwriting is incredible!! What an amazing song!!!

  21. Thankyou, Sawyer, Art, Chris, Jerome!!!

  22. a treat in any setting!!

  23. So beautifully done – thank you @jaminthevan.

  24. Ricos DD says:

    Great lyrics and amazing Voice!!

  25. As good as this sounds, it is even better live. Check out the tour schedule on his website and catch one of his shows. Bonus … you can get an EP of his upcoming album available only at his shows.

  26. Thank you love Sawyer's music.

  27. karell t says:

    Learn more about Sawyer Fredericks at

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