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RV Boondocking Upgrades | 110. Road Warrior Life

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We talk about some awesome new gear that will help while boondocking. Solar setup can be tricky..what solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, etc. do you recommend? We also cruise around sketchy areas of Lake Worth, go mountain biking at Markham Park, celebrate Easter at my Moms, and plan on surfing..but my back has other plans.

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46 Comments on "RV Boondocking Upgrades | 110. Road Warrior Life"

  1. 1723toby says:

    give me that loot..i want that v
    camo paddle boarder hat.lol

  2. Janice Lantz says:

    Just love watching your everyday events. I lived in Florida off and on years ago and ust love watching the scenery and and watching you live in a camper larger then the Mobile Home I lived in back then. Just keep being yourself.

  3. K2 says:

    I'm super stoked to see you boon-docking, sexy and you know it… is it wrong? Peace!

  4. mike brown says:

    Great info like all your videos great products peace ta you 4

  5. I've been watching you guys before you even purchased a truck or a trailer when you were still trying to figure out how to downsize from all the stuff you had in your place. as far as I'm concerned they're all great videos because you too are doing what you want to do and that's what makes them interesting.

  6. Do you wash and wax your rv? If so what do you use?
    I ordered a wash-wax from amazon but your rig always looks so clean
    Thanks and enjoy guys

  7. Larry says:

    Great video keep them comming.

  8. Stan Hembree says:

    Good video. Nice t-shirt I can't find on your website, did you get somewhere else?

  9. Brad Lashua says:

    I never realized how big your dog is until seeing her lie on top of Caro, or maybe Caro is just that petite.

  10. wmarston1 says:

    Great video, like around the campsite and working on your Camper

  11. Pocha S says:

    Really ? Me to up to high school.

  12. todd evans says:

    like your videos

  13. thebluetarp says:

    Love everything! Y'all are fun to watch. Love the mountain biking videos. And again, like over 10 minute vlogs

  14. ZayNation n says:

    Full timing🙂

  15. Gary Ford says:

    Thanks for the battery info.👍

  16. Biker110 says:

    cool outhouse

  17. Victor Yanez says:

    Like all your videos. You guys mix it up pretty well. Hope that your back gets better soon. Nothing sucks more than trying to travel and do all the things you need to when you guys get up and about again with the rig.

  18. Hessu55 says:

    I qualify 🙂

  19. Like #200 I like the fun videos you make. Keep up the good work!

  20. loose the pink shorts did your mother get those for you stay safe have fun out there

  21. That is a multi-use tent. Used for showering, changing room, toilet enclosure, etc! Great for camping and beach

  22. Road Warrior says:

    LITHIUM BATTERIES for RV, boat, car, motorcycle etc (Call or email and tell them Road Warrior sent you and get a discount 888.522.2883 sales@greenlifebattery.com): https://greenlifebattery.com/13-batteries

    WOLFWISE POP UP TENT WITH COUPON CODE M3D7D8V3 (Valid till 15 August) : http://amzn.to/2sQzviP

  23. like you video format as is,i get to see areas i might want to visit on my next trip,and the restaurants beaches,and also some of the things not to do lol

  24. Randall Hall says:

    We enjoy all your videos you have a great diverse subjects in each. My favorite subjects is gadgets, toys and how you do different things to upgrade and make life better in your Toyhauler . We have a Toyhauler and are very close to hitting the road full time. Keep up the good work. Tammy and Randy Hall

  25. I enjoy what y'all are doing just everyday stuff… Life on the road is awesome. I'm itching to be back out there myself… But it will be in God's time not mine. But this rambling fever is getting worse… LOL,LOL

  26. Sam Iam says:

    Love the shirt dude. Does this qualify if you get the 500 likes? LOL

  27. Your videos are great just the way they are! Keep up the great work!
    Would love a gift card to buy a shirt and hat to go along with the stickers I bought for my travel trailer! EEWWWWWW

  28. enjoyed this video just like all your other videos the food look so so good nd that cake at the restaurant look good too I really thought your girlfriend was going to take the cake. I'm srry bout ur back bro I hope it gets better nd here in nyc you'll have so so much love .big apple said hi stay safe god bless you'll "out"

  29. Cool tent! Do they make those batteries for motorcycles?

  30. Another great video. Are you getting a new bike for Caro. How's the Vespa making out?

  31. Bill Cudd says:

    Y'all r great

  32. Jennifer TS says:

    Keep us posted on those batteries. Maybe a review after 3 months? Also, there is a Facebook group called Heartland Road Warrior that would really benefit from your video updates. Perhaps you would consider joining? Sharing your experiences to the group could help boost revenue stream by driving more traffic to your vlogs too.

  33. DWDinAtlanta says:

    Since this is about RVing, any places you visit, site-see, restaurants in the area, details on campgrounds (cost & such), cool rest areas, welcome centers, useful RV products and details on how to install and how they work are all useful. The bike rides can be a little on the motion sickness side. We don't get to see much except the handlebars. Is the camera on her chest, the head may be better!

  34. DaddytechEnt says:

    You get more use out of VRLA Gel batteries i mean they last through draining and recharging longer. Lithium is lighter but they also get hotter under high drain which wears them down faster. So if you notice those getting weak or taking way longer to re-charge in 6-8 years then you might try the vrla gel batteries. there is an Auto grade version of those too the Optima batteries are real troupers even in extreme heat and cold, i have 2 of them in my 99 Tahoe one for the truck one for the car stereo in it. and i also have one of the yellow top deep cycles in my car hauler to power the winch in my tongue box and it holds up way better and longer than the standard deep cycle i had on my last set up. and the lead acid interstate battery in my escalade is starting to go so that one will be replaced with an Optima soon too. love those batteries, they are a little more expensive than a lead acid but they last 2-3 times longer so they're worth it. That Wolfwise tent is what you usually use as an outdoor shower/changing stall/ outdoor toilet. they usually aren't just used as shelter like what you were talking about. folks usually put up actual tents or those canopies for what you were talking about. either way though if you use it like you were talking about you would need to figure out a way to anchor it down to keep the wind from carrying it off. As for the kids and clothes on the driveway, if you look on the left side of that garage door that would be an Eviction notice. To drive the impact home better that big green no trespassing sign on the right is put up too. That was a sherriff / local PD assisted and court ordered eviction. i'd say the kids were left there to watch that no one takes any of the clothes while the parents moved off the furniture and other household stuff that was also removed from the home during the eviction. ONE QUESTION, Why was she asleep at the wheel? even more confusing why easter stuff in July? that just because you guys weren't home for easter so it's delayed till now? Lol never seen a girl saggin her pants before! have to admit that's a first. Lastly as far as your back goes Chiropractor is the WORST thing you can do for a bad back. Specially if the disks are what is damaged. I was sent an item for review that may help you if you have lower lumbar back issues my L1, L2, L4, L5, are all degenerative and won't get any better, i am doing what i can until Disk replacement actually gets more mainstream here in Nashville. I refuse to get fusion and that's the only other option right now. that has to be re-done every 3-5 yrs disk replacement is good for 15 years or more

  35. Will T says:

    love all the content keep doing your thing it works

  36. Joe Dennis says:


  37. Greg Souza says:

    enjoyed this video

  38. tabcan says:

    Love the L-ion batteries.  Also, never underestimate the weight of the solar panels.  I just bought a single 100W panel and that dude is heavy!!

  39. dbeskan says:

    Day to day life with RV living. Love that! Recaps are awesome. Photos throughout are super fun and of course the drone shots. Love your doggies and you two!

  40. Don Country says:

    Changing room heck yea!

  41. Andy betz says:

    Yep the Mexican soccer players must play there a lot. There's hardly any grass left. Lol. Thanks for the video brother! 🇨🇱👍

  42. i've liked them all.

  43. Dan Doucette says:

    haha should have told that person walking to pull up her jeans…say no to crack…haha

  44. bud moore says:

    I like these gear review videos

  45. been watching you guys from the beginning of your full time journey. man, the quality of these videos gets better and better with each. keep it up!

    ps, diggin the dmx!

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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