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Robots pivot solar panels to face the sun

Solar & Wind EBooks Just like a sunflower turns its head toward the sun, smart and efficient solar panels must do the same for maximum energy absorption. CNET’s …


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25 Comments on "Robots pivot solar panels to face the sun"

  1. Check InpliX handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

  2. jkvas1 says:

    A simple, inexpensive, mechanical clockwork with a spring return (Return to original "home" position at end of each solar day) would render this bloated system economically obsolete. You're next million, anyone? -Just give me a couple freebies for my home use!

  3. what about after a snowstorm? does the q-botix have an attachment to move snow/ice out of the way?

  4. don't buy solar panels prior to seeing this educating presentation. google "mike lewis diy solar" and see for yourself

  5. Glenn Hough says:

    I wonder where I can get this..

  6. entra em contato com eles as lampadas ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM podemos iluminar, uma ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM comprar, material solar.

  7. mquiroz90 says:

    This should be in Fresno ca

  8. LegendLength says:

    Motors are very, very cheap these days.

  9. marxvlog says:

    heh. I wonder how much money this team *cough* wasted *cough* I mean "banked" on this being a success?

  10. MrMegabored says:

    You americans make an ass of indian names 😛

  11. making weapons is more important if not everyone in the world will attack the usa and we will all be dead

  12. Saur says:

    Pretty nice

  13. FreeFromWar says:

    It's possible to come up with way better solutions to our energy problem, but most of the greatest minds in the world are being paid to develop weapons technology for modern warfare

  14. gugunanak134 says:

    its noisy for new technology

  15. Jordan E says:

    It's way cheaper this way with the solbot going to each panel and changing it instead of having a motorized mechanism built in every solar panel and controlled with a computer. Just like its cheaper to outsource jobs to India!!!

  16. Why does the bot have to move? Y cant it just sit in one corner and crank a lever to turn all at once? – even cheaper – forget the bot as well, just connect it to some weights and it will turn automatically with time like a old weighted clock since the sun is going to be passing by in the same speed.

  17. S.V.M says:

    R2D2 on rails

  18. cplnerf says:

    there is no computer that knows where to adjust the solar panels.
    yes that could work but it would just sit there and there are no sensors to determine where the sun is so it could not move and face the sun correctly

  19. Government perpetuated solar panel bullcrap keeping you on the mousewheel of tech advancement embargo. Go ahead keep pointing that shit at the sun, they're only laughing at us as they pass carbon tax laws while making it seem like we're making a difference. You need to see what we're capable of:


  20. cplnerf says:

    because then A REAL PERSON would have to operate it and the whole point of a robot is to eliminate most of the HUMAN factor. AND we could not get it as exactly pointed in the right direction AND that would be a really annoying job right?, doing that ALL day.

  21. cplnerf says:

    your not getting it

  22. search for some full length documentaries about him and his ideas on YT and you will see how ridiculous we look today with this crap.

  23. Thanks for the reply. Makes sense… 🙂

  24. zipking says:

    every solar panel then needs an expensive motor. with the robot only one is needed so its less expensive.

  25. Cool… But Why Not Just Put A Motor Inside All The Solar Panels and Have Them Turn By Themselves via Remote?

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