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Roanoke Pontoon by Classic Accessories – Performance Review

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The Roanoke single person pontoon boat from Classic Accessories is a fish catching machine! This model, often called a ‘kick boat’, is affordable and engineered with quality and durability built in. Classic Accessories makes eleven excellent models of fishing pontoon boats (as well as nine models of float tubes) for anglers who demand performance and quality. The Roanoke is to assemble (no tools required) and at 45 lb it is easy to transport. It is nimble, easy to maneuver with kick fins (optional accessory) and the oars allow you to travel faster and fish more of the lake or river.
For information on the outstanding line of Classic Accessories pontoon boats, please visit:

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39 Comments on "Roanoke Pontoon by Classic Accessories – Performance Review"

  1. Widow Maker says:

    LoL! Your review on your pontoon spanked my review on my kayak…. I just got done uploading it seconds ago… Course I have a few toys you may be interested in for your pontoon! As always Great video! I gave you a shout out so be sure to to keep your eyes and ears peeled! Brian

  2. bloodknot101 says:

    looks like a lot of fun Don – great review!

  3. Don didnt get a new rod but, i caught my 5 fish limit and they were HUGE, didnt get the rod yet… Any sugestions for a hundred dollar rod?

  4. sgtpavlov says:

    nice looking water craft! does it have a place to mount a machine gun ? 

  5. Juanelo1946 says:

    Don, thanks for an outstanding look at the Roanoke! The storage pouches looked spacious and very useful. The whole unit seemed well-designed! I enjoyed the way you composed your video with the addition of the perfect music! Another terrific job! —John

  6. Great looking boat! Looks similar to mine! Thanks for sharing!Take care!

  7. Thanks. It is a nice little boat and fun to fish! Don

  8. Thanks, Brian; I didn't intend to spank anything with this vid, but will be sure to check out your new upload and see what bling you hung on your yak! Weather has cooled down and some actual rain in the forecast; things are looking up! Don

  9. Widow Maker says:

    LoL! You do such a good job at editing…. I'm not sure if you are better at editing or fishing. I would have to vote both on that one! Indeed the cool weather is upon us with the chances of rain?! I'm excited as I know soon we will be back to fighting snow flakes and screwed up fish!!! Stay dry! Brian

  10. Thanks, Skip. These "kick boats" effectively fill the void between a belly boat (which are lighter, more portable but also much slower) and larger craft. I didn't say much about it in the vid, but after having it on the water several times I'm really impressed with the inflation valves. It is crazy easy to let out some pressure (on a hot, sunny day) or to add air with the really good inflator nozzle that came with it. Best wishes, Don

  11. Congrats on the big limit! I can't suggest a specific brand because there's so many good ones for around $100. Instead, I'll share a technique for finding the one that feels right for me. The desired combination of light weight, strength, length and action can best be found by going to a store (Bass Pro, Cabelas, etc) and spending whatever amount of time it takes to put the rod in hand and feel it. Carry 2-3 around and compare till you find the one that just "feels right." It usually is! 

  12. Ha! Great comment. No, but I've 'tweaked' it out a bit (since this video was first shot) with a few nifty gadgets: e.g. rod holder, Float Tube Fanatics low profile depth finder mount…… For a relatively small fishing platform (8' long and 45 lb), it is quite impressive in design and performance. Did I say I like it a lot? 🙂 Best wishes, Don 

  13. John, thanks so much. I spent a bit more time than usual rolling out some editing 'tricks' because I was so very impressed with this little boat. One really nice thing about these boats is that the bladders can be detached from the frame, deflated, and the whole shebang stored easily in a small area of the garage (i.e. winter!). I'll be 'tag teaming' with my Classic Accessories Cumberland float tube for a while and might even give it a whirl when the water turns cold (hip waders!). Don 

  14. sgtpavlov says:

    it's exactly how long my cheap kayak is,and just a little less of what the kayak weighs.i do the same with my kayak.into the truck bed it goes perfectly with the tail gate shut! i like how your boat has a depth finder mount on it.isn't any room on my kayak to fit one and not be in the way

  15. Thank you and glad you enjoyed the show. I ran across Classic Accessories when my Outcast float tube went belly up…..I replaced it with a CA Cumberland tube (very nice also) and have been a fan since. This is the first small kick boat I've had and it is a good fishing platform. Pretty good exercise, too! Don

  16. Thanks again, Brian, for the nice compliment on the video editing. As you know, a good vid starts with a mental "screen play" of the story, followed by capturing a bunch of usable footage, and then putting the pieces together on the editing timeline. I spent quite a bit more time on this one because I wanted to tell a good story about this nice boat. Snow….sure! Can't wait to hammer those crappie in 48 degree water. I'm ready this year! Don

  17. Sgt, you will enjoy my upcoming video about the FTF "low profile" depth finder mount. Works perfectly with no oar clearance issues. FTF also makes depth finder mounts for kayaks with magnetic (yes, magnetic) transducer mounts so there's no holes, glue, or drilling. I think yaks are great. They can go anywhere, quickly. A great advantage of a kick boat (albeit slower) is that you can put your feet down, maneuver yourself around, and stay in position (easy in mild wind). Don 

  18. Thanks, Tom. Didn't know (or remember) you had a kick boat. Fun craft and a lot speedier than a belly boat. Best wishes, Don

  19. Thanks, it is a fun fishing craft and decent rowing exercise, too!

  20. Darren Ward says:

    Great review Don and that pontoon looks fun!  Had my personal best year of crappie fishing this year out of the kayak.  I've never caught so many fish!  Keep up the great videos!

  21. David Hodge says:

    Don, thanks for the video.  I have put it together – easy – and will be trying it out soon.  One point of confusion about inflating the pontoons.  The instructions read "Before inflating, make sure the valve is in the closed position. Unscrew the valve cap, make sure the valve is closed and insert the inflation adaptor into the valve and twist to secure, Inflate…'  The pictures next to it shows "B Press and turn on center button and C insert into valve and twist to inflate."  If I leave it closed, it does not inflate, but leaving it open has it exhausting when I finish.  How is this supposed to work?  David

  22. how long does it take to assemble one of these? im definitely looking into getting one. but it will not fit into my car assembled :S

  23. What a great video! Thank you for taking the time to show all the features of our Roanoke Pontoon Boat!

  24. K Bauer says:

    I will buy one.

  25. JaimeAstin says:

    Great video and review Don!  I'm sold, lol.  I found one available for $225.  I looked for a review and you popped up, a very trustworthy source.  I believe I will order one to ship and leave back home… I saw that haul it in your truck bed… but how easy would it be to collapse it down to transport in the trunk of a car? 

    Thing is now… I am ready to buy 2 and my kayak may be jealous.

  26. Will I be able to fit this in the back of my Ford Focus if I deflate it?  Please, if anyone knows, speak up, I don't wanna buy this and then find out I don't have space for it

  27. can you hook a trolling motor to this one?

  28. Steve says:

    I have a 12 ft. Jon boat I use when fishing with another person.  Since I haul it in the back of a truck, kind of hard and too much when fishing by myself.  I have been looking at a lot of the solo options.  I really like these inflatable pontoons and Amazon has the Roanoke for $225 shipped.  My only concern is I'm 6'4" and 230lbs.  I know the limit is 275lbs but do you think someone of my size would be ok with the Roanoke?  Thanks.

  29. spchawk237 says:

    Thanks for the video ended up purchasing this kick boat in large part your video along with a rediculous deal on amazon got it for 200 couple months back. I have a portable electric pump and small hand pump, however neither of them have a psi gauge. What do you use for checking your psi levels or do you just eye ball it so to speak? Thanks in advance.

  30. JeepHed says:

    I just ordered one, looks like a great boat. The video you made was great. well done editing and putting it all together. I love the music. Can you tell me what it is? Thanks

  31. linda wilson says:

    Does anyone know of a good 12 v DC pump for using with the cigarette lighter?

  32. Edward Drew says:

    Why couldn't you strap it to your roof fully assembled?

  33. Joe Jirak says:

    I just ordered one of these from cabelas for $250 they call it the "Clark Fork" its the same boat different color. I myself have a car and it seems like it could fit with the seat down, although my car is a mid sized sedan (accord) so it has a larger trunk then a Honda civic.

  34. Cool beans!  I hope you enjoy your Clark Fork.  It is identical to the Roanoke and the orange color is nice.  Best wishes, Don

  35. MrSIXGUNZ says:

    amen on cool beans !!! best thing I've seen so far !!!

  36. heath schwab says:

    I just got me one month or 2 ago. but mines plastic pontoons no air which I'm 334 pounds down some and it works great. i wish I had this years and years ago. but in want o get another one but hard plastic for my 15 year old daughter she likes this one so I'll get one like this or just a small boat with a bottom for her. so we can go have fun. you stay safe have fun and god bless. o yea fish on.

  37. Brian Blowes says:

    I have this toon. I use it every where. I just filled another bucket list landing salmon on it. They are the cats meow. No launch required. I leave it in the back of my Ram deflated. Once at my spot, blow it up and get fishing. Good video.

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