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Review of the InnoGear 8000 mAh Solar Charger Power Bank

Review of the InnoGear {solar lights} Portable Charger Power

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I always worry about having a battery go dead on me. I have an extra big battery on my cell phone. I carry an extra battery for my camera.
One worry I have is losing power here at home due to a storm or something and not having the ability to charge up my battery.
Well I was sent an InoGear 8000 mAh {solar lights} Portable Charger to review.
You may see it listed as a 12000 mAh charger but that is the “nominal capacity” it is a 8000 mAh charger. It is about the size of a large cell phone. It will charge up from the {solar lights} cells. You can also charge it up by plugging it into a USB port.
You get the solar charger , a USB cable and a user manual. (I did not get a user manual but that maybe because I was sent a unit for review.) You don’t need a manual. It is super simple and easy.
The price at the time of this review is $25.99 and $1.99 for shipping from Amazon.

You can charge two devices at the same time. One output is 5 volts at 1 A. The other is 5 volts at 2 A.
You can charge many cell phones, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, and GPS devices.

I love the device. So far I have not needed it but I will carry it with me when I go out.
I need to get a cable for my camera. I will also see what ham radio devices I can use it with.

I am ready for the big storm now. I just hope the cell phone towers have {solar lights} battery backup now.

{solar lights} energy technology, enviromental friendly and will not have to worry about your device run out of source anymore when outside.
Monster capacity of 8000mAh; Provides Dual USB port for 5V USB-charged devices.
Various connectors coverDual USB outputs for charging 2 5V USB-charged device simultaneously.
4 LED indicators makes it easy to know how much source you’ve got, it will automatically shut down after 30 seconds if no device is connected.
Package Includes: 1* 8000mAh solar charger / 1* Micro USB cable / 1* User manual


Designed with dual USB interface, supports charging for two devices simultaneously. It can provide you high-capacity power perfectly. Powered by solar power, {solar lights} energy technology, enviromental friendly and will not have to worry about your device run out of source anymore when outside. Power saving and environmental friendly. LED charging and capacity indicator show charge status and remaining power level. It is suitable for mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3, MP4, GPS, DV and so on.


1. Auto turn on the power. Touch {solar lights} powerbank can monitor the output and recharge mobile devices automatically.
2. Touch ON/ OFF, the power LED indication would turn off after 10 seconds. The touch {solar lights} powerbank would turn off and stop to charge after 30 seconds without loading.
3. High capacity 8000mAh lithium battery inside. With only 30 min recharging by this touch {solar lights} powerbank. It can extend 100 to 150 mins talking time.
4. With over-charging and over discharging protection, it maximizes the lifespan of battery and ensure safe charging.
5. When the electricity is lower than 10%, led indicator would flash.


1. {solar lights}: 1.5W; 5.5V/ 260mA
2. Micro USB input: 5V/1A
3. Dual USB outputs:
Output 1: 5V/1A
Output 2: 5V/2A
4. Battery capacity: 8000mAh; over 500 cycle times
5. Effciency rate: over 85%
6. Working environment: -10 to 60 degree/ 30- 80 Percent
7. Storage environment: -20 degree to 70 degree/ 30- 80 Percent
8. Charging time: aound 6.5 hours

Package Included

1* 8000mAh solar charger
1* Micro USB cable
1* User manual

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8 Comments on "Review of the InnoGear 8000 mAh Solar Charger Power Bank"

  1. beahaven says:

    I would like to see you charge your phone with this when the phone's battery has run down to about 50%.  Then I REALLY want to see how long the InnoGear 8000 mAh Solar Charger takes to power up to 100% just using the sun.  If there is a power outage and you are in your apartment will you be able to charge the InnoGear through an open (or closed) window?  I have a yard but you might be stuck in your apartment.


  3. Jim Howard says:

    A couple of you recommended that I charge up my cell phone from the InnoGear Solar Charger.  My cell phone was at half power and I hooked up the solar power pack and charged up the cell phone.  It took less than four hours.  (Not sure of the time because I took a little nap in there.)
    The InnoGear still shows that it is fully charged.

  4. Artillery says:

    Might need that I have games on my phone which drain the battery I believe because it's always on or something even when I turn off my phone great review man

  5. Thnks +Jim Howard for your review.I've just received mine today. It come with box which exactly same as yours. I just wanted to check with you, when this unit charging up my phone the blue led(s) just keep on while red power led keeps on blinking…. Is this normal?

  6. my question is does it charge from the sun??? this is called solar power. sure it can charge from electric or usb in a computer but does it charge from a the sun?????

  7. Jonathan Pr. says:

    kayak fishing mp3?

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