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review of Solar Prologix PL2320, 6v/12v battery charger/maintainer

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3 Comments on "review of Solar Prologix PL2320, 6v/12v battery charger/maintainer"

  1. Excellent review, ill be picking this up.

  2. Jason Lowder says:

    They are pretty cool battery chargers. I have the 2520 which has the 100A engine start feature and of course thicker cables. I use it all the time to charge dead batteries on new and used cars that sit on the lot for too long, holds the battery voltage towards 13 to 14 volts for ECM flashes. I use to use a regular wheeled battery charger and I remember charging a battery in the vehicle of a car in the show room and I forgot about it and by the time I remembered the whole show room smelled like sulfuric acid and I could hear the battery boiling when I walked up to it. Since then I started going to these automatic chargers because of times like that. I have the Prologix 2520 and the NOCO Genius 7200. Also, I don't know how many times I've gotten home and wonder "Did I turn that battery charger off?" so I get in the truck, drive to the shop and sure enough I left it on. These things are just a lot safer for forgetful people like me.

  3. HTSSTR says:

    Looks likes a very good smart battery charger. I have an old Schumacher battery charger I bought more than 10 years ago. When it died I will get this Solar Prologix charger for sure. Thanks for great reviews.

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