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Review: 12V/24V 20A/30A PWM Solar Charge controllers /USB -cheap Chinese stuffs

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Short review of some basic cheap Chinese PWM solar charge controllers.
If you want to use Li-ion batteries instead of the lead acid batteries, watch this video:


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39 Comments on "Review: 12V/24V 20A/30A PWM Solar Charge controllers /USB -cheap Chinese stuffs"

  1. Thanks for showing us the 3 controllers.

  2. Xiu Yiu says:

    Hi, quick question.
    Can you charge your phone via USB when the batteries cables are disconnected?

  3. Eric Hill says:


    Would it be ok to use the blue lcd controller for charging 12 volt 5AH and or 12 volt 7 AH batteries?

    Just don't know if it's possible since the lcd controller is rated for 20 amps.

    We are trying to install GSM alarm panels in remote locations that don't have any power so will need a good solar panel and a controller box to charge the single alarm panel 12 volt battery.

    Many thanks…

  4. Eric Hill says:

    When a charging regulator say 20Ah that means 20 amp hours maximum correct. It won't damage a 12 volt 8Ah battery will it?

  5. Eric Hill says:

    Oh sorry…

    Is it ok to use a solar controller regulator that's rated for 20 amps on a 12 volt 5Ah or a 12 volt 8Ah battery?

    I apologize for the rookie questions.

    Thanks for your input.

  6. Eric Hill says:

    Got it thank you….very much.

  7. Matjus Grek says:

    please can someone help me i bought a solar panel 40 watts with 10A solar charger ,i dont know how to use it ,,when i connect the solar panel with the controller the display of the controller is bleeping over voltage ,,so what it mean ?

  8. Jesse James says:

    Thanks for the information, very, very helpful !!! the two USB ports come in very handy !!!

  9. ponea says:

    The screen on my controller went blank, but it seems to be working.  It is identical to the blue one you were demonstrating.  Should I keep using it or send it back?

  10. The 3rd is TX1220 model. I have bought the same. But the controller have a big problem. The solar panel arrow indicator is blinking, but my battery is charging by extremely low Ampere power from the controller. It's easy to check. Disconnect your solar panel from the controller and use ammeter to compare charging A to the controller vs directly to the battary. You will see the big difference even if your battery is fully discharged. I'm very disappointed.

  11. Ello Oku says:

    The first one looks like MPPT charge controller and not PWM.

  12. D - Widdy says:

    I have used the cmtp02 and the blue one – both have fried / overcharged my batteries – very dissapointed

  13. josh hyma says:

    Did the Mohoo 20amp charge controller turn on as soon as you plugged the battery +/- in? I just bought one off amazon.. It says to hook the battery up first so it can determine if its 12 or 24v system.. When i plug in my battery it doesn't turn on.. None of the videos show it turning on after plugging it to a battery, all the videos show it up and running.

  14. TBM tech says:

    Do any of these power the load once the battery is fully charged? thanks for the awesome video

  15. Scott Dillon says:

    Great Video…I bought this controller and hooked it up today…mine did not come with a manual so seeing you walk through the options was helpful…Thanks.

  16. Frank Steen says:

    The second one, what does it mean if the battery indicator light blinks slowly?

  17. TBM tech says:

    Ok so I'm just learning about solar power and got the mohoo blue charge controller in hopes I can use it to power a load. I charge my 12 V batter with a 5 watts solar panel and a simple charge controller, but i didn't have the ability to program cutout voltages for the battery. Do you know if this mohoo blue controller will work for this purpose? Or it needs to have both a solar panel and a battery connected to work? Thank you!

  18. CabinDoor says:

    Is there no on/off switch for the leds/lcd screen on any of them? Seems like a waste to me to have them burning away constantly.

  19. Sci Ense says:

    how do I use one of these to operate a 20 watt solenoid with a solar panel without a battery?

  20. MPLS SHOOTER says:

    with the charge controller with the Dual USB ports how do you set the timer? i have this and having trouble setting that up ? any helo woild be great . Thanks in advance .

  21. thingyee1118 says:

    Very handy video thanks for producing it.

  22. Can you adjust load voltage shut-off? 10.7 is too low for me….

  23. Green Martin says:

    Thank you for your video. Very easy to understand. May i know if you interested in 3W Solar Battery Trickle Charger And Maintainer?

  24. I have VERY good luck with these controllers!  I have 1 for a solar gate opener, 1 for a travel trailer with a 100 watt solar charger, and I just installed my 3rd. in our motorhome.

  25. WO controlar Jo load par watt bhe bitay

  26. Tercer Piso says:

    Thank you so much for this video. It has helped me so much!

  27. Tercer Piso says:

    Hi, great video. I bought the blue 20 amp controller, and hooked it up to a 12v 100 watt solar panel and a 12v 10.5 amp agm battery, and the negative terminal has corrosion. I read that its because its overcharging. Do you know what battery number should I use for agm? b01, b02 or b03?

    I think that setting is wrong, and I havent found any information on the internet.

    Thanks for your time

  28. Jesse James says:

    Hello, I have the exact same charge controller and I'm using agm deep cycle batteries, what voltage should I set my charge controller at, my charge controller is the second one in your video,

  29. Manuel says:

    on the second pwm or the blue controller, how do you set the battery type for agm or Gel since it has 3 option. second what voltage should I setup to charge AGM or Gel battery. thanks

  30. karzygijose says:

    Do these have protection for over charge?

  31. On your last controller you used, blue one I have one and trying to setup load on/off and PV on and I, I didn't receive any instructions for my one if you are able to help. Many thanks

  32. Is there a way to regulate the output voltage. Like, solar in = 14, battery 14v, output 12v continuously.

  33. riklee says:

    don't buy the blue one. I have a 30amp one, cuts out at the slightest load over a few amps.

  34. I watch most of your vids, and now have a solar set up.
    Take a look if you get some spare time, and are u now using the mppt controller full time or keeeping with pwm.?

  35. Bryan Max says:

    Good video, great info. Thank you for taking the time to post.

  36. Which one is Best gor us what should i do to use one ?

  37. Chicago John says:

    Thanks for this video. I just got an Allpowers controller like the 3rd one in your video. I am new to all this and I really appreciate the information you have provided.

  38. good job bro.

    but if want charging current per hour 240A what i have to do? because controller rated current 30 A.

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