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Residential hybrid Solar panel system designed to work on and off grid

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8.4 KW Hybrid Grid tie Battery backup Solar Panel System

Installer of the system:

See if solar would be effective at your house on this awesome map!


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40 Comments on "Residential hybrid Solar panel system designed to work on and off grid"

  1. johnny5634 says:

    pfister energy! they were greeat! google them

  2. johnny5634 says:

    We did get a new meter technically this was b4 the system was fully up.

  3. Green energy -Newton was wrong granted, all who show machines with no plans =fake all who have plans and (of course) no machine fake this one has video, math in description and all specs measured in front of you in the film and no money it is free information all on the video and a 16 year old could build it ABOUTSOLARCELLS.COMXA.COM

  4. Good price on a professional install on big system with top line components. You'll be reaping nice benefits for next 25-35yrs

  5. Awesome! Using a residential hybrid solar panel system is nature-friendly and saves you more energy and money.

  6. Zach Beamon says:

    What makes this a hybrid system? Isn't this a grid tie with just a battery bank back up? Nice look, clean and functional.

  7. Jon Car says:

    Phister energy does not do residential installation.  Can you refer us to some one that does?

  8. Nick Kay says:

    Looks nice but I hate the positioning of the batteries. They should not be shut in a cupboard below lots of electrical equipment. Batteries when charging give off explosive gasses!! 

  9. Will the solar panels charge the batteries during the grid is off or brownout?

  10. What do you do when it snows? It should be installed on the ground so that you can remove the snow.

  11. PAINT YOUR ROOF WHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DO IT– I'm telling everyone I can on youtube (readability is a great firefox addon) and check out f.lux.

    PAINT YOUR ROOF WHITE FIRST THOUGH, then check out the other 2 programs

  12. t Foley says:

    How much was the investment vs years to recover the cost?

  13. Your system is solar panel string inverters? That is what it looks like. I am planning a 10K watt system in Florida and intend to just make it grid tied which should save some funds regarding chargers and batteries. I am building the house at the same time so I plan a total integrated look. It looks like your payback will be around 8-9 years?
    Also do you know what the wind rating is of the connectors for the solar panels and the solar panels themselves?
    Nicely done install and system…

  14. justdreadest says:

    How do you know if 1 or which one of the batteries go bad, and what is the maintenance? 

  15. Horst Haber says:

    Free Device to Generate FREE Electricity freeenergygeneration.pixub. com

  16. ayeres James says:

    all you want to now about  Solar Panel System aboutsolarcells.comxa. com How to Find Free Solar Panels How to Maintain Your Solar Panel System this guide includes both the basic solar system layout as well as detailed plans for creating your own solar energy Catch the method here. aboutsolarcells.comxa. com

  17. jjs777fzr says:

    Great vid – good info – good charts and commentary.  Thx for sharing.

  18. Jon Phillips says:

    I love your system, in fact I am envious!!!! 

  19. Here’s a guide that teaches how to build a homemade solar panel and wind turbine at a very low cost. It also claims to reduce 80%-100% of your electric bill.

  20. That's awesome but dude, ill keep my $25,000 that's asinine.

  21. Random8806 says:

    So are those panels weather proof and how long do those batteries run on their own throughout the house?

  22. when roof needs replacing in 15 years the panels will have to come off.  It will be expensive and no single contractor will do both jobs.  Batteries and other equipment and panels will last what about 10 to 15 years?  Reality is the system will never pay for itself.  Solar energy is the electrical source of the future and always will be.  My taxes dollars are paying for the silliness

  23. Amir Niazi says:

    You can cut the initial costs by half by going from Hybrid to only grid-tie system (given the fact that you will not need batteries, charge controllers and Hybrid inverters)!!! 
    However, it is the matter of how reliable your grid is going to be. 

    Thanks for sharing this video.

  24. off grid kid says:

    That's awesome! Nice system.

  25. firesoul453 says:

    I really want to be energy independent but dang the initial cost needs to come down.

  26. md19nomad says:

    Nice setup! Can you just tell me the soundtrack which is playing at the beginnin?

  27. 46619TAB says:

    Have you projected a point the system will pay for itself?

  28. How about the property tax. Is changed something after installation of  the solar system  ????

  29. 2558jmb says:

    I live in upstate NY and we have signed a contract for solar panels 7.25 KW system total cost after a NYSERDA Rebate and Tax Credits our total will be $7,308 on Grid Only, using a Solar Edge Inverter power optimizers and Panels from Trina Solar.

  30. Michael Good says:

    Can you go 100% "off" the grid?!?! I would think with this battery system you would be able to.

  31. what is the square footage of your home and how many panels did it take?

  32. NexisFilms says:

    How much for all the fun again ?

  33. Un Real says:

    My Pontiac has more watts than your ford does….this video has a miss-leading title. You show "NOTHING" of your design other than showing off some perty shinny stuff. Whatever and what is the point of this?

  34. I love it is wonderful!

  35. 6string says:

    How much did those inverters cost you?

  36. You can learn more about it on INPLIX website.

  37. Im sure you can build it too guys. Just look for InpliX page click the PIG and build it too

  38. norb231 says:

    Interesting your 8.4 kwh array will only produce 7k out of those charge controllers, as they max out at 3500 watts each.

  39. Buck Wild says:

    how is that cash flow chart working for you?

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