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Ray Kurzweil – Futurist

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Everything is exponential to Ray Kurzweil. Ray has studied technology trends for a long time. An avid futurist, and as some say a transhumanist, he wants to understand what technological advances the future is going to bring. Want to know what the technology of the future will look like? Ray can imagine it. Not without his share of critics, he believes we will have enough solar energy to meet our needs in 16 years and a complete understanding of how the human brain works in the next 20 years. “Evolution is a spiritual process,” he says, bringing us closer to “the ideal of God.”
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24 Comments on "Ray Kurzweil – Futurist"

  1. Fuck this disgusting, Satanic kike.

  2. Kurzweil ist just another zionist asshole who wants to merge man with machine, he's mainly driven by a mix of jewish angst and superiority complex. He wants to wipe out diversity by mixing people with machines, and also hopes to control humanity then via their implants remotely like dumb robots.

  3. Bribics says:

    Transhumanism, GMO, like all material which made of physical matter is: absolutely limited and finite. He thinks like narrow-minded nazis: "Übermensch" über alles. Believe and trust only in "tech" is way not spiritual as he states. Refusing million years of bio-evolution and it's unperturbed continuance is leading to unpredictable consequences. This smartass is a tipical new-age idiot, who's a prisoner of nothing else but 3 dimensions. The real spirituality is far beyond physics and science.

  4. None of the mythological gods I've read about have unlimited love.

  5. Gosh, wouldn't it be SO nice if all these Godless, black hearted NWO, globalism pushing, "illumists" would transfer their brains to computers and then kill themselves so we could just unplug their computers and live in peace, prosperity, freedom and liberty for once!
    Amen & Allelujah!

  6. DevonWhorton says:

    If a GMO was developed which was proven beyond reasonable doubt to be safe to your health and the environment and was incredibly more efficient, would you still have a problem with the idea? Notice Ray does not say "I think Monsanto is great", or "I think the current regulations are satisfactory for ensuring the safety of GMO's".

  7. Kurzweil is my hero. Although, I don't agree about the whole GMO bit. There are allot of GMO dangers backed by good science.

  8. was your b-cam op drunk?

  9. gukonni says:

    I don't see the future as brightly as he does. I think he's right and wrong, like everyone else. I believe either technology will outpace us our ability to understand it and we will enter a dark age of rejection and fragmentation or we will turn to AI and robotics and nanotechnology to make obsolete everything that is human and fundamentally our species as it was in the past few thousand years will go extinct. So I see a very bleak future ahead of us.

  10. Keim4ever says:

    @andrewfink1 Very nicely put! I wish there wasn't so much opposision to transhumanism and the singularity. It's our future, its the only way people can live as long as they want and explore space.

  11. Keim4ever says:

    @BlackJackLanza says the person who know what the future holds.

  12. ssmith87 says:

    Thr "better life" talked about here is for the world's elite…not the general public. This parellels with the eugenicists beliefs (of population reduction and it's not just a few people) be it Francis Galton, Malthus,The Huxley bros, Edward Bernays, or Bill Gates, Ted Turner and now we hear Al Gore on board (recently in Rolling Stone Mag). For those who think there is something in it for you or somehow be selected to enjoy the future. crackpot comments are welcomed, followed by no response

  13. @SVBarnard Yep the future will be great! For US! YOU–you'll still be jacking off in moms bedroom!

  14. Greyheaven says:

    It's not only exponential growth that's predictable. Ray's interviews are too. If you've seen one or two, you've basically seen them all. 😛

  15. saiyan888x says:

    @OxygenBurglar You have been saying loads of bullshit all over the videos regarding these arguments of the future. What is wrong with you, really. You seem like you are upset and disturbed by these things. How can you be so retarded to not enjoy the view of a so bright future. The only truth here is the Kurzweil's one, and , sorry to say that, it looks like it is hurting to YOU :)… You better change your attitude or you will be one of those which the people will laugh at.

  16. I beleive our universe is a singal cell in a larger organism and that time is just this constant flow of DNA through the cell/universes that make up our cell/universe and the other cell/universes around us and that there are tiny beings within our cell/universes that orginated from solar systems/atoms just like us but have advanced to the point that they individually help power us like one giant machine

  17. JG129 says:

    @SVBarnard Well I was in your boat a year ago man so I know how you feel, Just hang in there and have a positive attitude and things will start happening ! But I really believe the future is going to be great but its all about to us we can make it good or bad.

  18. rambo4337 says:

    i just hope the whole world has access to this future technology,me being in poverty i doubt it will happen for everyone,long live ray kurzweil.

  19. iera says:


    youtube this "Wealth vs. Poverty – Something to Think About". Watch that and then come back to me; complaining about your life. The fact you can even talk about future behind your pc is a luxury!

  20. iera says:


    Can you do me a favour? (And SVBarnard and all the other boys and girls complaining in their house, behind their pc, in their warm room who they don't need to share with anybody..) Search for "Wealth vs. Poverty – Something to Think About" On youtube. Watch that video completely and then come back to me whining about having no girlfriend, no money and say again you need MORE technology to feel good. Look at what you have now compared to 15 years ago. Still don't have enough gadgets?

  21. timi0000 says:

    I just hope my life is a little less shitty in the future

  22. SVBarnard says:

    Hell yeah man i hope the future is bright. I hate my life right now. Life right now is bleak and hopeless. I have no job. No money. No girlfriend. The economy is still in the dumps. Fuck my life. I just hope the future is better.

  23. We are destined, if we do not turn gods tools upon ourselves, to become multi, multicellular organisms living in Space.

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