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Product Review: Solar-Powered Radio by Freeplay

The Encore Buddy {solar lights} and Self-Powered Radio by Freeplay is a handy device that is a must-have in every home in case of power outages and emergencies, …


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3 Comments on "Product Review: Solar-Powered Radio by Freeplay"

  1. 1:33 it's supposed to be "Barrie, Ontario, CA.

    CN is for China.

  2. Ruth Anitha says:

    I bought this Solar Powered Radio with Flashlight and Charger, came up with hand strip and easy to carry. I love about this product is, can charge my mobile phone by solar power. I got this discount coupon. Use this code "PD10"and save 10%.

  3. Sharon Hill says:

    Love the new background and the mention of the Nats at the end!

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