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Printing solar cells

We’re working to develop printable, high efficiency {solar lights} cells together with industry partners BlueScope Steel, Innovia Films, Robert Bosch and Securency, and …


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14 Comments on "Printing solar cells"

  1. Rick Hobson says:

    Yup. Wanted to watch this, get the information… but no information and the music was jarring.

  2. Moji Karimi says:

    if this clip is from 2012,now is 2016, it's been 4yrs or God knows I'm sure more than 4yrs, and still why cannot find to purchase?,who is stopping these awesome ideas,sure rip off electricity companies, if them stopping from distribution f… them all

  3. I bought excellent handbook from Inplix website. Just google inplix and start your journey to better life

  4. On next video can you please let the scientists talk and no rock music?

  5. Paul Krause says:

    You guys wil grow really big. There's so much love in your filosophy. Thanx. This is what the world needs.
    B.t.w. : Great promo movie!

  6. Could you make the video more obnoxious with louder rock music instead of a decent voice over??????? Love the product; hate the music (from someone who produces information videos)

  7. Great to see this! Such innovation. The way to go. Thank you to all those in this group. You are making a huge difference in the world.

  8. John Macey says:

    Very promising technology!
    Hopefully, it will not end up the way of so many good Australian ideas of the past – sold off for a song, no jobs in Australia, but making overseas investors a fortune!
    Will it become an Australian owned growth business?
    Do you have a business plan yet?

  9. tuyệt vời, tôi muốn thấy công nghệ này ở Việt Nam.

  10. I think they were using the photocopy machine as an example of what he future might be like, regarding printing solar panels…

  11. Wow how exciting. Solar-powered mobiles, laptops, etc.. I am guessing that they complement existing silicon panels re household electricity use- lights BUt could they be used on all our appliances so no need for ac/dc power anymore?

  12. This is tieh technology that makes our industry run., If you want this type of technology we can provide it.

  13. Without a narrative it's difficult to ascertain, but did I see a standard paper printer print a solar cell? Where can I get more information?

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