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Poweradd High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Unboxing

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24 Comments on "Poweradd High Efficiency 14W Foldable Solar Panel Unboxing"

  1. Zhuocheng Yu says:

    What case do you use for your phone? Can I see the back?

  2. Sir Magnus says:

    Actually very useful but I'm not sure how efficient this thing is.

  3. Tom H-Mann says:

    I think that pockets actually for your phone

  4. Will youndo a review on the nvidia shield tablet ? 🙂

  5. Paul Lopez says:

    Josh maybe you could update this review when it becomes sunny again. I would liked to have seen how long from a dead battery it took to charge. Also what was the charge voltage?

  6. Noman Ali says:

    hey josh can u plz make a tortial on how to change your device id i just installed a game called shadowgun deadzone and i start spaming the developers of the games on their email address madfigergames i didnt know that they will ban me from the games forever and i also did a mistake and now i am feeling sorry but they wont unaban me whenever i delete and reinstall the game they reconginize me from my device id beacuse they have saved my device id on their servers 😢😢😢

  7. i should buy this.. cx

  8. The amperage though?

  9. sr kseries says:

    Anker has a simiar one to this, wich one is continuous power.

  10. Josh buy one of these. You can find many more design on eBay. This helps you check voltage, current, charge rate in realtime. You can use this to test charger portable battery packs and solar panels. works with PC. Must have for gadget lover.


  11. Sharpen that knife bro.

  12. eob2000 says:

    Why put the thing your charging on top of the panel!

  13. I should carry this with me on flights. In the event of surviving a crash and ending up on a desert island, at least I could keep my phone charged.

  14. Hey Josh you can put your phone in that pouch while it's getting charged

  15. tim pontius says:

    So how long does it take to charge a phone with it or and external charger that holds a battery for say a note 3

  16. SH FCB says:

    Hello !! Can you help me ?!
    So.. I have HTC One Mini (M7) and I update Android 4.4.2 KitKat Sense 5.5, also battery is made from green in white.. 
    But I do NOT want this !!!!  What to do that I have the phone as before ?!!

  17. Ido says:

    Dude, with all those battery packs and chargers that you have do you ever actually charge your phone ? ._.

  18. Jbmorris289 says:

    Wow… That solar panel just reminded me of some other solar panel you reviewed…

  19. Dee Rythmist says:

    im getting mine tommorrow hope this solar panel charger is useful unlike the FREELOADER SUPERCHARGER 5W SOLAR CHARGER and the FREE LOADER ISIS  which was not working efficiently. 

  20. Glenn Hough says:

    How long does it takes to charge a dead batt cellphone using this 14W Foldable Solar Panel?

  21. Adam R says:

    Im sure you know this but wanted to mention it anyway" your covering up about 25% of the solar power panel setting your phone ontop of it, in sure it would take way longer to charge like that :p

  22. an do it yourself ,just go to inplix page and learn how to make it.

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