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Poweradd 14W Foldable Solar Panel USB Charger Unboxing

Get your Poweradd High Efficiency 14W Portable {solar lights} charger from amazon through the link below:
In this video I unbox the Poweradd 14W portable {solar lights} charger. This fold-able {solar lights} is unique because of its efficiency and 2 amp peak output. Enjoy!


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2 Comments on "Poweradd 14W Foldable Solar Panel USB Charger Unboxing"

  1. Dee Rythmist says:

    how efficient is this ????????? how load would it take to charge an iphone? 
    does it work on all weather ????

  2. D Wite says:

    My goal is to keep my phone off grid power, (iPhone 6/6+) without breaking the bank. I think this might be the panel I need. What do you I think?

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