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Video showing Goal Zero portable solar power products (Nomad 7 and Escape 150). http://www.goalzero.com.


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29 Comments on "Portable Solar Power Options"

  1. Simon Worger says:

    Great channel, subbed. Would that Nomad 7 power an ft817 ? I'm looking for a solar set up for mine but just want something plug and play 🙂 73's Simon 2E0SNJ.

  2. ProgamerEU says:

    I am going away with my car for about 2months on a photo trip, i'll sleep in the car and will be in the wild 99% of the time  i will have to charge my camera, 12v heater, laptop and tablet, i thought about a comp between a 28w solar pannel and 2 power banks  do you guys think this will be enough to keep my stuff charged  i'll probably need around 10-12 AH's a day  thanks for your help!

  3. Will Diehl says:

    Cool setup. If that meets your needs it's an awesome setup. Personally I setup a renogy 200 watt solar kit. 1500 watt inverter (with 2.1amp USB outputs) and a 125 ah deep cycle battery. Sure I spent about $650 on the setup, but I can supply power, lights, and device charging for five families at cubs costs 🙂
    The goal0 equipment is plug and play though. Packs easily and does what a lot of folks needs.

  4. Hello! Have you ever tried – Maxim Earth 4 Energy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the website now)? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my GF got huge results with it. 

  5. Commsprepper says:

    The speaker box is great. I just used it on a trip and it worked fine. It can be charged with a USB cable, so you have more charging options.

  6. Cull Silver says:

    I just got the 150 and the briefcase 30w panel. Love it! How do you like their speaker system? I am considering buying one.

  7. The thin film technology they use can get more energy on cloudy days but they produce between 3 and 4 times less power than monocrystalline solar panels so, as they dont say Wh, I think that's their weak point.

  8. watchin721 says:

    I don't see any wattage either. Isn't solar energy all about surface area? That compact unit doesn't look like it has much area.

  9. watchin721, Powersync solar line from Bushnell looks cool, but I have my doubts, in their site & videos in no place they say the actual Wh that the battery or the solar panel have, so I can't compare this line with Nomad 7 or other panels.

  10. Commsprepper says:

    I have not but will check them out. The Goal Zero products I have were gifts and I did not select them (but I am happy with them). Thanks for watching and the tip.

  11. watchin721 says:

    Commsprepper, have you seen the new Powersync solar line from Bushnell? Best portable power options for preppers/bugging out. There are videos on Bushnell Outdoor Products Youtube channel.

  12. I just linked the VR, good luck on your trip and thanks for the comment!

  13. Commsprepper says:

    I just watched it and it is great! I wish I could make videos like that. Did you link the VR to the contest video on my page? I just checked and it was not showing in the VR section. I'm off on a business trip tonight and will be back next weekend.

    Thanks for posting!

  14. I've just uploaded my RV to your contest, at the end I added some extra footage showing the Guide 10 charging from the Nomad 7 while charging my phone.

  15. For what know, you cant USB IN and and USB OUT at the same time as there is only one port, but you can USB out (toggling the switch) and at the same time charge the Goal 10 via the 6 VOLT IN port.

  16. Commsprepper says:

    Just checked mine. Just says Guide 10. I will try again this weekend (when I have some time & sun light). Perhaps I fat fingered it.

  17. Question: mine is the older Guide 10, yours is the new Guide 10 plus?

  18. I believe all Guide 10 are equal, you can turn on the USB OUT with the left switch, but if you plug the 6 volt IN it will charge and at the same time discharge the batteries. In a week or two I'll be making an in-depth review of the Nomad 7, showing this and the real output power of the unit.

  19. Nomad 7 is good charging AA batteries and USB devices via the Guide 10, but IT IS NOT good on 12 volts

  20. Commsprepper says:

    I want to try wind next. I have a 30 watt solar panel and charge controller already.

  21. Commsprepper says:

    eBay is your best bet to find and AS-2259/GR. However, you can make one for a whole lot less. I will send you a PM with a link with how to make a home-brew antenna (youtube does not permit links in the comments????) Hope to get home this summer for a week.

  22. peccatumDei says:

    I went with the Voltaic Systems Fuse, a 10W panel designed to be strapped to the outside of a backpack. The included 16,000 mAh battery is capable of sourcing 57 Watts. More than enough to recharge my Kenwood HT, and more than enough to run/recharge a Yaesu FT-817nd, which will probably be my next radio. 🙂 (I already have an FTM-350)

  23. cherylynn927 says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I think that is great. A worthwhile incentive that has not only the IPAD reward but a ticket to the Hobby of a Lifetime. Smart Dad!! I tried finding one of those complete NVIS Kits like you have but was either insanely priced or just parts. Any leads on buying one without needing a first born male child? I would like for my FT-817nd or the FT-857. Be perfect for either. Again, Thanks for the great job your doing.. Any idea when youll be back in W VA?

  25. Commsprepper says:

    Kids have a standing challenge – Tech Ticket = iPad. I like all the Goal Zero units. The Escape 150 works great with my bugout bag radio FT-817ND. It will also charge the laptop via the 110VAC port. Hope to make a "putting it all together" video this month (solar, bugout radio, NVIS antenna, HF email, and a smattering of SATCOM).

  26. Commsprepper says:

    Do you have a Nomad 7? My batter pack unit (Guide 10) has a switch on it that turns off the outputs while its in charge mode. Wondering if your Guide 10 is different? Thanks for comment and pointer.

  27. Commsprepper Helper is really into this. I think thats great. Is she studying to take the Tech Test next time you guys are back in the USA? Just saw a few 5 yr olds on U Tube have passed their Technicians Exams. Not sure of CPHs age but bet she could do it!
    I have a full blown Solar System & sm Solar Charger, but nothing like the Nomad 7. Thanks for showing a close up view. All results on the NOMAD 7 are good. Just got their Flashlight (BOLT) that uses USB Mini to charge internal 18650 batt

  28. Hi Commsprepper, I've got a tip: only connect the AA battery charger to the panel, and at the same time plug your phone to the charger. In this way, the phone will always receive a stable power at highest possible wattage (and it will charge faster)

  29. fastacker2 says:

    When fully charged, does "Nomad" float around like it's predecessor on StarTrek sterlizing imperfections? Because, that would not be good.

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