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Portable Solar Panel

{solar lights} are utilized to harness the solar power in the most extensive manner. {solar lights} consists of an array of photo voltaic cells that convert the light energy from the sun in to electrical energy. This electrical energy is stored as DC power in the batteries attached to the {solar lights}. The DC power from the batteries can be utilized as per requirement using a transformer. There are various sizes of {solar lights} available. The utility of the {solar lights} is dependent upon the application for which it is installed.

Portable {solar lights} panels are utilized for electricity requirements that do not require much power. The electricity produced by portable {solar lights} is sufficient for home utilities such as laptops, small TV and VCRs, video recorders, emergency lights, small work lights, cell phone chargers, etc. The portable {solar lights} panels are excellent for the consumers who do not want to invest large sums in buying a total home power system but want to use {solar lights} panels as a secondary means of power in case of power cuts and failures. The portable {solar lights} panels are small {solar lights} panels that can be installed anywhere and need no permanent fixtures and other frame work. The portable {solar lights} panels generate power by {solar lights} energy and deliver it in a very handy way. This method of generation of energy is just like keeping a charged battery with you always, that can give you power for your small requirements, anywhere and anytime.

The portable {solar lights} panel solar power generator has wire kit, batteries, inverter, and {solar lights} panels. This small unit has inbuilt five watt light, a cigarette lighter, AC power charger cord and a carrying case. The unit is altogether a very compact one and has the capability to be used both indoors and outdoors.

The portable {solar lights} are light in weight and provide greater number of benefits and features available in a DC power source. They act just like a plug on the wall or like a battery. The power can be drawn from them by connecting them to an inverter. The advantage of adding an inverter to portable {solar lights} is that it gets charged and when the solar power generation is not enough or the power consumption is more the power is supplied from the inverter. The batteries of the inverter are charged by the portable {solar lights} and in the event of draining of batteries to the marked extent an alarm is sounded and the inverter goes off. This protects the batteries from over draining and also the appliances are saved by the voltage fluctuation as inverter gives a constant out put.

The capacity of the battery that is attached to the portable {solar lights} is usually twenty one ampere hour rating and the inverter has a surge capacity of around five hundred watts, that means that you can run a three hundred watts appliance with the portable {solar lights}.

The compact nature of the portable {solar lights} makes it a very handy unit to be connected to any thing. It can be connected to your inverter at home and provide a source of charging the inverter. Portable {solar lights} can also be carried to out door places with its batteries and small wire kit to supply you with free solar power in parks, or other places of interest where you would like to have power.

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