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Portable Solar Generator Hybrid Overview

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A quick overview of the hybrid capabilties of Perigee Powers 201 portable solar generator. This is just one of the many possible configurations for any of the Perigee Power solar generators.



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14 Comments on "Portable Solar Generator Hybrid Overview"

  1. We have added the deck connector to the Expedition Kit to support charging when the kit is sealed. This was a small custom job for the Kuskokwim 2013 Expedition that the Alaskan Watershed Council was heading up.

  2. This is the "Expeditionary 201". It has 12 Volt DC as well as 120 volt AC output.
    The Angler unit is 12 volt DC only. It is designed for the fishing sportsman and powers a live-well aerator, bilge pump, & has fittings for two accessories like LED lighting, fish finder, & GPS.

  3. _._B3AST_._ says:

    This is the Angler "201" right?

  4. We used a Sunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind Generator in our tests and development of the Turbine MPI Switch

  5. svedka says:

    who makes that turbine?

  6. UPDATE: As of September 27 2012 we are building the 201 Expeditionary with a pure sine inverter as the default AC power source. We have had much success with the modified sine version but to better facilitate a broader range of electronics we felt this was the best solution. It also relieves our customers the burden of having to verify with the manufacturer of their electronics for MSW compatibility. The 101 Basic Kit is still available with a modified sine wave with an optional upgrade. Thanks!

  7. RbG84 says:

    priceª? thanks

  8. Yes there is. That's the job of the solar controller (& the 201 has a 3A controller). Some batteries have an on-board PCB which also protects from overcharging (i.e. the LiFePO4 batteries we use).

  9. AP0LL0edc says:

    Is there an automatic cut-off so the battery doesn't over-charge? This looks perfect for camping if I want to light up a string of white LED Christmas lights.

  10. MrAkilwil says:

    The 401 & 501, got it. If any more questions I will call the # on your website.

  11. Thank You!
    You can certainly use a power strip with any of our units. The only limitation on the unit in the video is its 200 watts continuous AC output. We do have several larger models available as well.

  12. MrAkilwil says:

    This is freakin awesome for emergency prep. What would be even better if can handle a multiple load. What I mean is 8 different things drawing off the generator.

  13. Note also the white band on the SLA battery pack. Kinda like the waterline on a ship…

    We've been able to minimize the profile of the dash. This gave us an additional .5" which gives more room for your "stuff" (i.e. – panels, various adapters, etc.). Excellent example of why an impact analysis is key to any design change. 😉

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