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Portable Solar Generator

This is a Freshman build of a Portable {solar lights} Charger, no expense spared, 30 Amp MPPT Charge Controller, 123 Ah Deep cycle Marine Battery. Power outputs include 2 GFCI DC outlets in lower box, Jump terminals to connect batteries in series or jump a car if needs be, Kill switch for battery power. 9 Volt and USB power on lower end of Box. MC4 Connectors for {solar lights} panels, Battery tender affixed into the box, for ease of charging in a no sun condition.

The connections within have all been soldered and the box will not need to be opened for 5 years and only to replace the battery. The rigid box design provides a rod which runs down the side and locks it shut.

Moves easily on wheels, self Grounded Scale-able {solar lights} Solution.

Rock solid build!!!!


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11 Comments on "Portable Solar Generator"

  1. do it yourself , go to inplix page and learn how .

  2. ken ber says:

    any pictures of inside and how its wired.

  3. Dan Roy says:

    Many views of finger, led lights & dark figures, not much good for instructing me, got more from the comments!

  4. But: I DO like the folding 100 Watt panel!

  5. Your Terminal and connectors are too low on the Box. NOR is it water resistant. All KINDS of GUK could get inside and cause serious problems if you use it very much outdoors. I admire your initiative and desire, but your engineering is somewhat lacking.

  6. Your lighting sucks. The viewer can't see SQUAT!

  7. nice….i need that for my house in Africa….

  8. I like the solar generator. I'm always trying to get more ideas for my own projects.. Thanks. 

  9. Asa Bey says:

    asanagabey@gmail.com…peace King..im interested in purchasing if you have not already sold your solar generator

  10. John Bey says:


  11. Pure Ingenuity…….You are a Genius………

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