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Portable Power (500 Watt BEAST) – Chafon 346wH Solar Generator / Battery Backup / UPS

Chafon Battery/Generator- http://amzn.to/2B2iZSm The Chafon 346wH portable generator, {solar lights} generator, battery backup, whatever you want to call it, is a great piece of gear. I talk about…


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25 Comments on "Portable Power (500 Watt BEAST) – Chafon 346wH Solar Generator / Battery Backup / UPS"

  1. For people asking – "solar generator" is a generic term that describes a device that can capture solar energy (in the form of a battery) and redistribute it. The battery device itself has no solar feature – aside from being able to be charged from (separate) solar panels.

  2. Good price for all the features. I'm buying one.

  3. RR FIVE-NOV says:

    Now long for a full charge using the AC plug in your Tacoma?

    Great video, really trying to narrow down the options before I pull the trigger.

  4. Nick Leffler says:

    Will this charge from solar and AC at the same time? Also do you know if it's mppt or pwm solar charger?

  5. G K says:

    How's the build quality? The plastic looks kind of like Lego/Toys 'R' Us quality plastic.

  6. jon Heinze says:

    no test of actual WH

  7. How long have you had this and how is it performing?

  8. Any idea if they can be transported by air in checked baggage?

  9. Ryan Gini says:

    Have you figured a way to hook this up to the taco and charge via your alternator while driving?

  10. Macbruber says:

    it was available on amazon today for 261

  11. Lightning deal going on right now for the next 3 hours folks. $87.00 off. GO!

  12. Eric Albert says:

    Any way you could do a review on a garmin foretrex 601 if you use or have one?

  13. I couldn't get past 2:20… too much fidgeting with the item, no explanation of how it's solar, too expensive… I usually like your videos, but this one was too hard to watch. I agree with the guys who said $400 fidget spinner.

  14. I’m curious about the solar powered features? It wasn’t mentioned in the video. Thanks.

  15. I’m sorry, but what part is solar powered? You didn’t mentioned

  16. b pospolyta says:

    Hey will it run a small microwave?

  17. Yautja says:

    I run a RIVER or a KODIAK in my TACO depending on the situation. GENERAC 22 kWh in the fort 🙂 Stay away from portable solar solutions like Goal Zero that can't be daisy chained. The KODIAK is a real beast at 20 lbs/1100W/Li. Measure twice. Cut once. You feel me?

  18. Stew Pidasso says:

    Great product introduction. Thanks.

  19. Ashley Young says:

    But does it have an input USB slot so you can trickle charge the battery/inverter away from home?

  20. Sweet gear. Where do you use this more, on your property or camping?

  21. This would be perfect for my faraday cage.

  22. Awesome vid ! I made a negative comment on the CVT truck tent a few videos ago because I thought the cost was outrageous, I still feel it's a bit pricey but now admit it would be way better than a standard ground tent, I guess if you can afford it than it's a great product 🙂 can't be right all the time.

  23. Zex Nynex says:

    I swear my cheap little Eton cranky thingamabob will be my favorite item one day. I dont know if its a real battery but it def gives you the ability to charge a device when you crank it. I have the crank/solar/radio/flashlight, n another crank/radio also… but this "just the crank" Eton item is prob my favorite even tho its the only one i never use. But at the end of the day its unlimited power in your pocket. Might suck to have to crank it, but its still awesome. (I put this thing your reviewing n the plug in solar panel they make in my Amazon cart tho, just sayin, thanks LLOD

  24. SupaEMT134 says:

    This video is so confusing

  25. For your EDC bag you should check out Renogy's 5W portable panel, it's only 5.7oz and only $30. I was looking to find a lighter option to my 21w Anker Solar Panel and am in love with this little thing! Takes up no space too in the laptop sleeve/water bladder compartment.

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