Pokémon Solar Light and Lunar Dark – Episode 35 | Mega Flare! | Solar & Wind Products; View Hundreds of Solar & Wind Products Here!

Pokémon Solar Light and Lunar Dark – Episode 35 | Mega Flare!

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50 Comments on "Pokémon Solar Light and Lunar Dark – Episode 35 | Mega Flare!"

  1. Malik Toca says:


  2. I wish I could meet you but I'm in Scotland and I'm young but I could ask if you wanted to meet up

  3. The Pokemon that will HATCH from the egg will be Fayely…
    (i didnt watch the other episode but i know it,i dont play that game too..)

  4. I also picked the purple egg when I played the demo. I named her Faith. I always like to give my Pokémon nicknames.
    How did you manage to record all that gameplay?

  5. 🐺🐯🐅🐆🐈🐱 I love cats

  6. I have a question… What level I need for megaevolution my Salaslam?? And Which bottom i need to push?? Sorry for my english, i´m spanish

  7. Can you still download this?

  8. Cherry Lunas says:


  9. actually what you were saying about Kyogre and Groudon using Primal reversion without an item they actually need the Red Orb and blue orb

  10. Ellie F says:

    Whoo, West Coast!

    (gasp) LITWICK'S CRY!

    Also, a Mirror Pokemon would be either Rock or Ground, because mirrors come from minerals like that. That's why the Mirror is under the Earthy and not The Watery in Card Captor Sakura.

  11. VR Xtreme says:

    is it for the gba or ds emulator

  12. pokemon z is not come in out mo

  13. DAVID4GAMER says:

    just got here by seeing about the game from spanish/latin pokemon fans, wow, i got to admit, the pokefans creativity….."un-knowns!" no limits!….get it! haha………heh………okay its a bad joke but hey i love pokemon dont blame me 😀

  14. Guarlaon says:

    I can't mega evolve flearoe! :/

  15. Lmms13 says:

    Wow, the Whisper tunnel has music from Pokemon Snap

  16. Shroctopus says:

    Is the music in the cave from pokemon snap?

  17. is this for gba or nintendo?
    p/s:sorry for dump question

  18. NOTAWEEB says:

    Dragon types eggs take forever to hatch Orange don't ya know?

  19. Reed RNRK says:

    Omg What Should I Pick Fairy/Dragon Or Electric/Dragon I Already Have Prudixy A Mono Fairy Type And I Dont Have A Electric Type

  20. Orange I know how to make Kyogre primer evolve put the blue orb on Kyogre

  21. Mega Rayquaza counts as your mega for the battle

  22. I live in Illinois to

  23. ke le Chen says:

    I can't download Pokemon solar light lunar dark so can you do a video?

  24. VilSoul says:

    Buenas he empezado una serie de encuestas diarias para elegir el mejor pokemon iré en orden siguiendo la pokedex y cada día pondré el ganador del día anterior y al siguiente.
    Voten y den RT para que vote mas gente así veremos al final quien es realmente el pokemon favorito del mundo
    Un saludo y haceros con todos

  25. which direction around Chicago. North , west, south, or east

  26. NeonArrow12 says:

    He got rid of Lunape?

    …why not petrovolt?

  27. MunchingOrange Senpai, move to Colorado so I can meet you Senpai!

  28. You are wrong Mo, east side is the best.

  29. ghost_curse says:

    11:02 But you move Northwest every time, so you''d end up in Vancouver rather than California

  30. Anna Marine says:

    Move to Portland!!!! We're the best city on the West coast!

  31. mega flearoe with drought and solar claw too op

  32. the "wind stone" and "core stone" are for the 5 new regis in this game, as are the other stones.

  33. flearoe+heatmor=mega flearoe

  34. I really hate that you think Mosiac is a Mirror, It's literally a Mosaic, an art Creation the Romans used. Oh wait, you just said it was a mosaic xD

  35. Garrett Rose says:

    asexual repoduction u were thinking of

  36. SO SPOOKEY!!!!!!!!!!!

    Y u no take beacon from well???????????

  37. Orange,can you please make a live stream of this game or an hour long special if so thanks if not still thanks for all of your vids!

  38. I donno, I just HATE Fakemon, except Pokémon Sweet Nuzlocke.

  39. I donno, I just HATE Fakemon, except Pokémon Sweet Nuzlocke.

  40. the ghost was Banshriek

  41. YaBoiJosh! says:

    Mo, primal reversion doesn't count as mega evolution, you need to really get out of thinking that XD

  42. I love lunape and pixilily why to take them out? Ok I do like pixilily but not lunape….

  43. Mario Vegas says:

    I wanna be a youtuber but i wanna be a good just like u Eriel

  44. munching orange you post the best vids ever

  45. August T says:

    Don't spoil Pokemon z!!!!! If you do it I unsubscribe!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  46. Yaling Chen says:

    syrill is lickwits twin

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