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Panasonic HIT solar panel – High efficiency

Why you can rely on our Panasonic HIT Photovoltaic Modules:

* HIT Modules are highly efficient and produce more power per square meter than traditional products. This means that you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance.
* HIT Modules provide many years of reliable operation.
* HIT Modules are based on decades of experience and reference systems worldwide.


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6 Comments on "Panasonic HIT solar panel – High efficiency"

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  4. Dario Zanze says:

    Efficiency is important, but is't not the most important thing about solar panels, and it is certainly not the most important factor in any application.
    For instance if I have a large plot of land (surface is not a problem) but limited funding I would be able to produce more power with lower efficiency but cheaper panels, because I could cover more surface with them.

  5. Karyl Debolt says:

    You can build it yourself too. I made it 2 weeks ago thanks to inplix website.

  6. great to see that… I made it too. Using inplix handbooks :)

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