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Our Off Grid Solar Cabin Battery Bank Install Explained

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In this video we show how we wired our battery bank. Using 8 x 6 volt batteries to creat a 24 volt battery bank.
We show it step by step to help you understand how its done.
Hope it is helpful to you all. Enjoy.

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Hat Cam is ActionCamNX with Hat clip
by PedsProducts.com
Hand Held Camera’s are Samsung HMX-F90 52x optical zoom and Fujifilm finepix HDMI camera with video
Video Edited with Camtasia 2 for Mac

This Video is the property of Bill and Rosa our off grid solar cabin. DO NOT use any portion of this video without our expressed permission.

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Please watch: “Good weather allows for work on the homestead. Garden, brush hogging and Rosa’s health.”



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19 Comments on "Our Off Grid Solar Cabin Battery Bank Install Explained"

  1. That's awesome man – Those are some serious batteries!!! :o) I've seen those online for sale and they don't give them away that's for sure – but you get what you pay for

  2. jlwftl says:

    Thank you for taking the time and explaining the steps I will share this with all the people I have. This way more people will understand and get some solar .

  3. jlwftl says:

    My solar is kinda different I have 12 v and portable panels 2 sets of 120 watt is 240 watts All I need is 12 v with 5 bat hooked like yours Run the coffee maker lots of power and the ref is propane at night but the day its solar its a rv. 

  4. dannyscoot73 says:

    Really helpful thanks for sharing

  5. I am envious Bill! I am having to go with a set of 6 volt batteries from Sams Club due to cost but have looked at the ones like you just got and hope to get the same later. I see those people getting the 12 volt starting marine batteries and know what a waste of money they are from experience because they don't last long and while cheap to put in the replacement costs add up to the point that they cost much more later on. I would be interested in knowing how much you use in amp hours a day and how well these new batteries hold up in between charges.

    Your place just keeps getting better! One day you will be sitting back and enjoying it and remember all you have done to get it there and know it was worth it. Keep up the good work!

  6. HWhit9000 says:

    I have tried and tried to explain, verbally, how to wire batteries in series and parallel but don't have a video of my own of how it's done. I will be referring many people to this video which explains it in detail.
    Thanks for posting this.

  7. Great simple instructions! Thanks Bill !!

  8. yankey4 says:

    Wow brother it's nice of you guys to take the time and show tho's who do not know the info. God Bless Brother..

  9. Are these new batteries to add more power to your home, or just to run what you do have more easily?

  10. really nice battery bank you two set up, great job. 740 amps should run a lot in your home. I set up a magnum 4000 watt inverter running off 1040 amp bank and have been running fridge, TV's computers and some LED lights for over a month and a half. running off the grid you tend to really keep a eye on what power you have left to work with. if something is not needed to run I shut it off until  I need it. great job on your set up!

  11. be sure to give you ample space above bottom batteries to check water level or replace a bad battery.

  12. I have 6 80 AH 12 volt battery' wired for 24 volts. When I order one of the inverters like Justin I will be getting 2 more for 48 volts.  Right now at 24 volts I have 240 AH when I go to 48 volts I will be only 160 AH Small comparied to some.  but I hop to have one day a 1000 + AH battery bank. 

  13. kishdogg05 says:

    Good stuff Bill!  explained very well. Thanks Mike PA

  14. Great videos Bill. Can you please explain why you are using 24/48 volts and not 12 volts? I sort of understand the wiring part of it but aren't the power inverters 12vDC that jumps it up to 120AC? And isn't your lighting 12v or 120? I must be missing something?? Thanks

  15. +Bill Longland I will try to keep this short.  When using 12 volt system you draw 20 amps, with 24 the same load draw would only be half.  so 20 amp draw is only pulling 10 amps.  You can get inverters that convert 12v DC to AC, 24v DC to AC, 36vDC to AC, 48v DC to AC and several others.  Solar panels are made 12v and 24v DC.  All our panels are 24v DC and my wind turbine is a DUAL PMG 24v DC.  Using 24 volts is much more efficient than 12v system.

  16. i found this extremely informative thanks  

  17. wrangler says:

    Great video, answered all my questions for making my solar generator a 24 volt system, was going to go with a 12 volt system but read that 24 volt is easier on your batteries and for the inverter.
    I just purchased two Trojan T-105RE's, Just need two more, then the 24 volt inverter.
    My generator is just going to be for emergencies or extended power outages.

  18. grambler37 says:

    Where did you get the battery cables?

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    Learn how to bring any battery back to life again

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