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Our Next Mission to Mars, and How the Sun Will Kill the Internet

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SciShow Space shares the latest news from around the universe, including new details about our next mission to Mars, and a study that predicts a catastrophic solar storm may be more likely than we thought.
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34 Comments on "Our Next Mission to Mars, and How the Sun Will Kill the Internet"

  1. Josh Adams says:

    I suggest that they name the new rover Avery, or Yves.

  2. James Copley says:

    What about InSight? :-(

  3. we cant destroy the sun, silly people!
    we gotta dig up a hole, build a structure that will protect anything inside from the sun, and throw the internet in there!

    we could just take the sun, and push it somewhere else!

  4. I thought Solar Storms would just cause alot of blackouts temporarily.
    Not Permanently.

  5. Jesse says:

    4:03 Hey, I enjoyed revolution! I still need to find where I left off watching it though lol. Some point after they found out about the nanomachines that caused it.

  6. whats her name again ? I didnt get it.

  7. Luke Pearson says:

    How are they planning to send those samples back to Earth??

  8. Captain set phasers to KILL THE SUN!!!

  9. The Sun is going to fucking chill I swear to god. Cut our Internet and you're going to catch these handes Sun. I'm boutta kick your fucking mouth

  10. code99k says:

    Yay! no more fagbook!

  11. If our technology dies I'm going to cry

  12. Super Hooper says:

    HAHAH at 2:39 my sound glitched… LOL

  13. I do hope the Sun does kill the internet. . .especially the wireless infrastructure.  I miss the days when you could go fishing or just simply playing with a stick without having some asshole friend demand an answer to his question or FB or a chat forum.  I miss the days when you didn't have to be available 24/7 to answer your boss regarding some project during your vacation days.

  14. lommi GT says:

    no no no plssss not the internet

  15. Am I the only one that is afraid of this one thing?: The solar flare could destroy technology that many people depend on. And I mean REALLY depend on. As a diabetic I need certain devices that are electronic, and I'm not sure if the flare will also destroy medical technologies. I know there are idiots out there who think technology is killing us, but there are people that really do need it! I can't check my blood sugar percentage level without my meter. Nor can I manage the insulin level that I get without my pump. I could do it via needle, but how will I check my blood if I don't have the meter?

  16. Kaleb Bruwer says:

    So I won't have to hear about femminists and flat earthers all the time anymore? that's an upside

  17. peanutaxis says:

    Nice. A girl finally makes a compelling science video! Bravo!

  18. natt tomes says:

    2016 internet still here ha

  19. Tyler Nope says:

    I hate this host..

  20. Fahad Ashraf says:

    She's so cute. X_X

  21. "orient" as a verb is meaningless and lazy.

  22. Joe Khateeb says:

    Show less

  23. Or the 7 internet key holders will just bring it back on

  24. R33KO says:

    can we call it Rovy mc rove-face

  25. I shouldn;t say this and I'm sorry to say that she's sounds and annoying to me

  26. Shawn Cooley says:

    if we have a machine that can breakdown CO2 then why dont we use it to ease the effects of global warning. i know it would take alot of them to even make a dent but every little bit helps.

  27. Yumi Ogeda says:

    What would happen to planes in the air, it would fry their instruments, right? Or would there be time to get them all grounded?

  28. Sometimes i want to see a beautiful sexy blonde hosting this show and show a little expression of confusion when they try to read a script that they know nothing of or have a very little understanding.
    okay, so who is with me?

  29. Can we call the new rover Wall-E?

  30. MrAndrewHQ says:

    Bye bye internet net I need to cut my internet connection in 2020 jk

  31. GTIP Pro says:

    Ten billion atomic bombs is not very accurate it could be any where from 100 billion tons of TNT to 1 quintillion tons of TNT

  32. I'm tired of her face and nasty tits, honestly

  33. Captain Raz says:

    In 2012 we were nearly hit by a Carrington-type CME? So, Assassin's Creed 3 is true?

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