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OLYMPIC SUN solar heaters manufacturing site crete chania greece

OLYMPIC SUN has operated with alternative energies since 1978.
We specialize in {solar lights}, thermal, photovoltaic and {solar lights}. We have developed our trading network throughout Greece and have also operated in some African and European countries.

We manufacture and/or market:

{solar lights} ENERGY:
We manufacture high performance {solar lights} thermal collectors for hot water and heating.
{solar lights} hot water thermosiphon systems (open and closed loop);
large capacity hot water boilers;
electric water heaters; and
{solar lights} systems for swimming pools.

Mono and polycrystalline {solar lights} photovoltaic modules for electricity between 10 and 80 Watts.
Accessories for Photovoltaic systems.

{solar lights}:
Wind generators for electricity between 300 and 800 KW, for power, pumping, {solar lights}/wind systems.
With 20 years of experience and over 7,000 systems, we are proud of the fact that no insurance claim has ever been brought against us.


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